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Outfit: pink fountain

Some time ago I was in Knokke for a day trip. To be honest I don’t often visited the Belgian coast, shame on me… And that I why I wanted to go on a day trip. And it was a bit a win-win situation because I perfectly could combine my day trip with the opening from the new nakd store in Knokke. So this was also the perfect excuses to bring a visit. šŸ˜‰ Before we went to the beach we first walked trough the shopping districted. And on the way I saw by chance a pink fountain. And by chance my outfit was pink, so you may guess 3 times what I did… Of course I made some photos… šŸ™‚

Dress: my jewellery | jeans jacket: only | hat: veritas | shoes: miami | sunglasses: ray-ban

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