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Yves rocher: sun products

The weather is not ideal (read this as there is no sun in Belgium…). But despite that I wanted to show you for sure these 3 sun products from yves rocher. And if you follow my blog for a longer time now then you maybe know that in the past I already wrote a review about the sun products from yves rocher. But this is more than 3 years ago, wow time flies! So it is time for an update from 2 products and a review from 1 new product… I would say fingers crossed that the sun will come back soon….

After sun – €9,90

This after sun has got a new smell if you compare it with the one I used 3 year ago namely perfume monoï. And I love that Yves Rocher did this! The smell alone is so good and gives me instant summer vibes. I used this after sun every night during my vacation in Greece. And this one works so good! It feels refreshing, it’s easy to apply and it absorbs quick into the skin. It also makes my skin soft and it feels good to use this in the evening after a (long) sunny day.

Sun spray SPF 30 – €24,90

Personally I normal use a spf 50, but this spf 30 also works good. Ok, I use it more often than a spf 50. But the weather in Belgium was and is the last couple of weeks not that good. So this spf 30 was perfect to protect me when their was some sun. It’s a milk spray that works so good! The spray is handy and the sun milk is easy to apply and absorbs good into the skin! This one does what a good sun milk must do!

Protection oil body & hair – €24,90

I thought that I needed this product, but it turns out that I didn’t need it… A spf 15 is for my body not enough, but I thought that I was mainly going to use this one for my hair. Because you can use this sun spray for your body and hair. In 2016 my boyfriend always used this product. And that was another reason why I thought I needed this. But to protect my hair I prefer a hat or pet and my boyfriend now use a spf 30. So no, for me personally is this not a good product. But it maybe can be something for you if you use spf 15 or wanna protect your hair? But keep in mind that if you spray it on your hair to close or a bit too much your hair will look greasy. And it’s also an oil that leaves a greasy film on the skin…


The after sun works amazing! And the smell from this gives me instant summer vibes, it’s a good product to take care of your skin after a hot day. The spf 30 sun milk is also a good product, it’s easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does what I expect a good sun milk must do. But the spf15 oil for hair and body that is another story… For my skin type is spf15 not enough and I don’t use this product for my hair. I mostly protect my hair with a pet or hat. This is of course personal. But the after sun and spf30 sun milk are both good products! So now let’s hope for some better weather that we can use our sun products finally!

This prices from the products are the ‘normal’ prices. But because yves rocher often has discount online or in their store you can buy these products the most of the time with discount. Like example: the after sun is now 50% off so instead of €9,90 is this one now €4,95. So keep an eye on the webshop or the store if you wanna buy these amazing sun products at a nicer price! 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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