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Yves rocher: red apple

I can’t believe it, but today it’s 25 of December, Christmas. So this looked like the perfect moment to quick share a nice Christmas collection with you. I already wrote about the heavenly collection: ‘nuit vanille’ from Yves Rocher. But Yves Rocher also has other Christmas collection. Like red apple, sounds very Christmassy! So let’s tell you more about it!

Bath & shower gel

Red apple is a nice and a bit a sweet smell, it’s for sure the perfect smell for autumn and the winter. But personally is the ‘nuit vanille’ smell still my ultimate favorite! But red apple is for sure not bad at all! Especially if you know that I already emptied this shower gel. It’s just a good shower gel with a lovely smell. It cleanses the skin good and after my shower I still subtle smell the red apple smell. So the shower gel is a good one!

Perfumed body lotion

The body lotion smell a bit more sweet than the shower gel. But it is still is a relaxing, autumn and winter smell. But or I’m going to recommend this body lotion during the winter? Mmm, I don’t know. I don’t like this body lotion. It don’t absorbs fully into the skin and it leaves a greasy film. So I don’t use this body lotion that often because I don’t like that feeling for the winter. Okay, it makes my skin soft. But during the winter I prefer a body lotion that directly absorb into the skin and not like this one…

Lip balm – € 1,95

The last product is the lip balm. The smell for this is totally different than from the shower gel and lotion. I personally like this smell more than from the other products… But except that is the balm also my favorite! It’s such a nice lip balm that smell good and hydrates my lips. I use this one almost daily because it’s the perfect lip balm for during the winter! So this is for sure my favorite product from this line!


I’m for sure more fan from the ‘nuit vanille’ Christmas collection from Yves Rocher, bit this is something personal. Red apple is for sure not a bad collection! And I really love the lip balm from this collection! Also the shower gel is nice. Only the body lotion is not that good… But except that is this for sure a cool Christmas collection, namely because of the smell and the pretty packings! The products I have are the small travel size packings (50ml). And this is for sure nice to give as a gift. The prizes from these mini products starts from €1,50. And you also have special gift packing with these products inside.

I wanna wish you a beautiful Christmas period! That you are surrender with the people you love and that the Holiday period will be amazing for you!

Lots of love xxx

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