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Yves rocher: radiant lip crayon

I love lip products, I also have a lot of them in almost all the colors from black till bright pink till purple till blue. I’m just a bit addicted on cool or special lip colors… Of course is the quality from some products not always that good, so yes me as an addict I’m always looking for nice lip products that work good. And I think it found some of them… Because this time I will tell you more about lip crayons that are so creamy and don’t dry out my lips! They are also perfect for everyday use. So let’s tell and show you more about the 3 colors lip crayons I have.

Rouge flamboyant

A red color is something that can’t be missing, and I love a good red lip product. And you can see that for sure on the photo above… I already used the lip crayon a few times before I came till the conclusion that I didn’t make photos from it… Oops, I just was a bit too enthusiast about this color! It’s a beautiful classy red color, you can’t do anything wrong with this one! It brings on very fluid just like a lipbalm. This crayon works perfect so it is a red color where you can’t make any ‘faults’ with.

Rose somptueux

This is a beautiful bring pink color with a cold blue undertone. It’s a lovely flashy color to wear in the summer. It’s a more bold color, but oh so cool for a festival or party! Or even for every day to give your day some more color! Because this is a glossy color it makes it a bit more wearable. And you get this bring color after just one layer!


Rose sorbet

Rose sorbet is compared to rose somptueux a more soft, sweet wearable light pink color. It’s the perfect color to set you lips more in the spotlights with a subtle color. I find it a beautiful, everyday color that is perfect for every occasion! But I find this one less glossier then the other onces, I think it’s more semi matt, semi glossy.

This are all the swatches for all the 3 colors. As you can see is the pigmentation fantastic, and with the red and bring pink color you see good how glossy they are.


These radiant lip crayons are just so good! They are easy to bring onto your lips, they have an amazing pigmentation and give a pretty glossy effect! On your lips these feel just like a lipbals, so your lips feel so soft! The crayons also take care of your lips, so it’s a win win situation. Because your lips will look beautiful and also get soft! You can spin the crayon up. After a snack or drink you need to retouch it, but luckily this don’t take long!

I love all the 3 colors, they are all beautiful! Rose sorbet is the perfect everyday color, but the other once also are perfect for that! It is just what you love the most! 🙂 My personal favorite from these 3 is of course the pretty red color! The lip crayons are just amazing! And I’m sure that I will use these often to give my lips a pretty color!

The radiant lip crayons from Yves rocher cost €13,90, but as you maybe know is there often a sale on the webshop.

Lots of love xxx

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