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Yves rocher: my green summer

A while ago I was invited for Yves Rocher their 60 year anniversary. And at this event I discovered their vegan summer collection named ‘my green summer’. In this collection you find an eyeshadow palette, bronzer, lip products and of course a lot of products for your skin. Sounds like the perfect summer collection for me! With the ‘my green summer’ collection you can enjoy the refreshing lemon smell in combination with mint. I tried out their make-up from this collection, the eyeshadow palette and their special bronzer…

My green summer eyeshadow palette: €15,90

Let’s start with the eyeshadow palette. This palette contains brown, bronze and copper colors, the colors are matt and shimmery. The packing from this palette is so much fun and summer proof! This palette also comes with a handy mirror and a brush with two sides.

So at one side you have a sponge applicator and at the other side a brush. I never use a sponge applicator. But the brush from this is ok for emergencies, but I personally prefer my own brushes. 😉

At one side I understand the color choice from this palette but at the other way it don’t get it. The color choice is mainly safe and you can use this palette every season to create a nude look. But this palette is from a summer collection… So for a summer collection I expect to see more color and not these basic and nude colors. But of course is a basic palette perfect for an everyday look. So let’s have a look to the swatches…

The eyeshadow is a bit dry, the pigmentation is ok but for me personally some more pigmentation would be nice…

I made a quick look with this palette. Luckily you can build up the pigmentation. So this is for sure a good basic palette. I use this often, because it’s easy to create a quick eye look with it! So all with all is this not a bad palette!

Bronzing powder duo: €25,90

Of course you also find a bronzer in this summer collection, and not 1 bronzer but 2. A colder toned one and a warmer one. I have the Hâle doré bronzer. The print in this bronzer gives me tropical vibes. I really love it! But what I find more interesting about this bronzer is the smell of it. Maybe it’s just me but the bronzer smells so lovely, after a yves rocher store.

I swatched the bronzer apart and together. As you can see their isn’t much difference. But for me that doesn’t matter. Because I find this a beautiful mat bronzer. And this one is for sure a new favorite from me! You can easy build up the pigmentation from it and the quality is also good! I can recommend this bronzer for sure. But I only find the normal price from €25,90 for a bronzer a bit too much…. But on their webshop I saw at this moment that the bronzer was almost half of the price, €14,95. And I find that price much better for this amazing bronzer! So if you wanna buy this one I would recommend to keep an eye on their promotions in the store or webshop.


I don’t find the palette ideal for a summer collection, because I would expect more color. The colors are dry and a bit more pigmentation was welcome. But despite that I find this the perfect palette for a quick basic look. I use this palette a lot so it’s for sure a good and handy one because you find mat and shimmer colors it in. And the bronzer, yes I really love this one! It’s an amazing mat bronzer that is perfect for contouring and to give your face a warmer look.

This ‘my green summer’ collection is of course limited edition so gone = gone. I would say keep an eye on their promotion in the webshop or in the store because they often have interesting promotion. And if I may give you a little tip… if you’e looking for a good bronzer? Then is this one from the my green summer collection an amazing one! Oh, and whole this collection is also vegan!

Lots of love xxx

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