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Yves rocher: make-up review

I love trying out new make-up products! And this time I tried out a beautiful eyeshadow palette, a mascara and two eyebrow products from yves rocher! To be honest I’m more fan of the body and skincare products from yves rocher. But maybe these 4 make-up products can convince me? Are you curious? Then keep on reading! šŸ™‚

Eyeshadow palette 01 nude – ā‚¬19,90

I really love how this palette looks and the colors also look amazing! You see a lot a pretty, basic nude colors, that are perfect for an everyday look. But also thanks to the darker colors in this palette it looks like a perfect palette for a more evening look! This was my first impression of this palette… But when I started to swatch these colors I directly was less enthusiastic...

I applied 5 colors on each swatch, but it really looks less… Because of the first 5 colors you barely see something… And the other colors… Meeh, the pigmentation is not that great… And when I tried to create an eye look with this palette… I directly noticed that the eyeshadow feels soft. And because of that the colors are a bit grainy and they give fall-out…. So no, I don’t like this palette at all… The pigmentation and the quality are not fantastic! And this is so unfortunate because this could be such a pretty everyday palette…

Mascara sexypulp – ā‚¬17,90

The mascara is luckily a bit better. The funny thing about this mascara is that this one smells very sweet, it does me think about marzipan.Ā  The brush from this mascara works good. The mascara promises a lot of volume and a xxl-glamour look. But I can’t see anything from that glamour look with volume… It’s for sure a good mascara that gives length. But that is all. I find this a good mascara, but for that price I wouldn’t recommend it….

Here you see a full face photo. I made an eyelook with the eyeshadow palette and I used that mascara and on my brows I’m wearing the brow mascara. And I will directly tell you more about this one!

Eyebrow mascara – ā‚¬13,90

As you maybe saw above are my eyebrow on fleek, thanks to this amazing product! This is a mascara for your brows. You can bring this product on with a thin brush. It’s handy and works fast to make your brows look good!

This color is not perfect for everybody. But luckily they have other colors available, I have it in the color 02. But this is an amazing product for your brows that works fast and gives a natural look!

Eyebrow pencil – ā‚¬13,90

Except for the eyebrow mascara, I also tried out the eyebrow pencil. And I already can tell you that this is for sure an amazing eyebrow product! It’s a brow pencil with two sides, one side with the pencil for your brows and on the other side with a handy brow brush!

Left is without and right is with. As you can see is the result very natural! I really love it! It’s an easy product to apply. It takes a bit longer than the brow mascara but then you got an amazing brow look!


I find the eyeshadow palette the most disappointment from all the products, almost no pigmentation and fall-out… Also the mascara is for that price not an amazing product. But… both eyebrow products work amazing! The brow mascara is handy for when you don’t have much time. The brow pencil takes some longer but then you have a beautiful, natural result. So the two brow products I do love!

As you maybe know at Yves Rocher they often have a special discount so if you wanna score one of these products for less? Then keep an eye on their webshop or in the shop! šŸ™‚

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. Iā€™m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake Iā€™m sorry about that.

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  • Maaike

    Wat balen dat het palette zo tegenvalt. Vroeger bestelde ik vaak bij Yves Rocher. Al lang niet meer gedaan. Ik zal eens een kijkje gaan nemen daar šŸ™‚

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