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Yves Rocher: kerstcollectie ’18 Nuit Vanille

Tuesday I went to an awesome event from Yves Rocher, the event was all about Christmas. It was a cozy night, and now I’m into Christmas mood. And something that hears with Christmas… That are of course special Christmas collection. And Yves Rocher understood this so good. Because for the Christmas period they have a nice Advent calendar and some cool Christmas collection. And one the collections is ‘nuit vanille’. This is such a good name for a collection with lovely and good smelling products! So I will tell you more about the scents candle, highlighter touch, eau de toilette & shower oil from the ‘nuit vanille’ line.

Nuit vanille

The smell is a warm scent that helps to get you in a relaxing mood. The smell is composed of sweet scent notes from vanilla, bergamot, jasmine and cedar wood. All the products are beautifully packed and the packing fits perfectly with Christmas. I’m already fan from the good vanilla smell and all the beautiful looking products!

Scents candle: € 14,90

This candle looks so pretty thanks to the subtle golden details. Directly when you pull the candle out of the box the sweet vanilla smell appears. It’s a smell that lets whole your room smells like vanilla. This is just the perfect candle for when it’s a cold evening and you sit cozy inside. It’s a relaxing smell, you will enjoy it for sure. From the beginning of December I’m sure that this candle will glow every evening. It’s just the perfect smell to get in the Christmas mood! 😉

Highlighter touch: € 3,95

This is a liquid highlighter that is perfect for face and neck. Something cool is that also the make-up products from this Christmas collection must have the same good smell. Of this is true… I don’t know because I don’t think that the highlighter smell after vanilla. But that is fine because I don’t expect that from a glow product. 😉 This highlighter blends with your skin’s natural tone to capture the light and this gives a pretty golden finish and a radiant skin. So with everybody else this highlighter will look different. But it gives your skin a beautiful golden glow.

Pocket with Eau de Toilette & shower oil: € 22,90

In this pretty pocket with golden details on it you find two pretty products… An eau de toilette & perfumed shower oil.

Let’s start with the eau de toilette. The flask is elegant, it’s just a pretty flask. The smell is a bit playful but also sultry. But not too much because it’s still a vanilla smell. You smell the vanilla very good and I also smell something flowery in the beginning, the jasmine flower. And after some time I also smell something woody. It’s a lovely smell, and when I’m wearing it I can’t stop with sniffing my wrist. 😉 I really love this perfume, it’s for sure the perfect Christmas smell. But they made this perfume that good that you can wear it during autumn and the winter. So you will smell so good after vanilla thanks to this good perfume.

This shower oil smells a bit more subtle that the eau de toilette, the smell is a bit more flowery and woody. The shower oil feels amazing when you use it. It smells good, foams perfect and doesn’t dry out the skin. This oil is with sweet almond oil, so after your shower your skin will feel soft. It’s the perfect shower oil for autumn and the winter, it’s perfect for a dry skin and it has the perfect autumn/winter smell. After using it you will still smell the scent but very subtle. So in combination with the perfume it will smell heavenly!


I find this one of the coolest Christmas collection ever! This because of the pretty packings and the lovely smell! And also because the products works amazing. So when you are nearby a Yves Rocher store you must give this collection a try and smell it… I’m sure that you will love it! 😉 It’s also a nice collection as a gift under the Christmas tree… Curious after more reviews from Yves Rocher products? Here you can find all my previous reviews.

Lots of love xxx

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  • Evelien

    Hmmm, de geur klinkt super 🙂 De doucheolie lijkt me erg lekker, daar houd ik sowieso wel van. De highlighter ben ik ook benieuwd naar, de prijs is zéker al erg leuk!

    • MissPrettiness

      Klopt de prijsjes zijn zeer leuk net zoals de heerlijke producten! En die highlighter kan ik zeker aanraden! 🙂

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