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Yves rocher | anti-pollution shampoo & conditioner

We daily get in contact with pollution think about: exhaust gases, smoking, rain, polluting particles,… It almost impossible to protect you against this. But to help you, this anti-pollution line from yves rocher comes in handy. This line must protect your scalp and hair and also take care of it and get ride of all the polluting particles… It must lay a protective shield on your hair to protect it against those polluting particles… I was so curious so I tried out the shampoo and conditioner from the anti-pollution line.

Anti-pollution micellar detox shampoo – €5,90

This line is perfect for all hair types and is free from silicon, parabens and artificial colors. The line also contains extract from moringa seeds and all the products are vegan! The shampoo is a micellar shampoo. This means that this shampoo contains micelles and these work like a magnet to attract sebum and other dirt. So with this shampoo you can remove all the pollution out of your hair. What I first noticed about this shampoo is the lovely smell from it! Especially in the morning is this a good smell that gives me a boost. Except that is this shampoo very liquid and you don’t need much from it. But I noticed that this one foams less than ‘normal’ shampoos. But less foam doesn’t mean that this one is bad, because it’s an amazing shampoo that perfectly cleanse my hair from all the ‘pollution’.

Anti-pollution conditioner – €5,90

This is a very special conditioner. You first use the shampoo the get all the pollution out of your hair, then it’s time for the conditioner this one must provide that pollution easy attach to the hair. It’s easy to apply this conditioner and just as with the shampoo you don’t need much from this one. This conditioner makes my hair soft and gives it a pretty shiny.


Or this line does help with pollution getting less chance to attach to my hair? I don’t know. But what I do know is that these products works amazing! They smell good,are easy to apply and you don’t need much from these. They also clean my hair good and make it so soft and the best of all my hair looks pretty and shinny. So this is a good shampoo and conditioner that I wanna buy for sure again!

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