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What to eat on tomorrowland?

Because I went to the first weekend of tomorrowland, I thought it would be cool if I share with you what you definitely must eat at tomorrowland! I even tried some things 2 times because it was so good! So I will tell you all about it because some of them are hidden secrets! 😉

– Belgium fries

Yaaay, as a really Belgium girl I need to share this. Because our fries are the best in the world! And it is Belgium fries and not French fries. 😉  So if you wanna eat the best fries ever, then tomorrowland (or Belgium) is the place to be!

– Veggie hot dog

A veggie hot dog is hard to find, especially a good one! But the veggie hot dog on tomorrowland was the best I ever had! The food truck is located nearby the freedom stage. This hot dog was a combination from a crusty roll with a good veggie sausage and that with good vegetables and a way to good sauce. A good combination! Even someone that is not veggie will love this hot dog!

– Waffles from Roget van damme

This waffle is seriously the best one ever! I even tried it 2 times because it’s so good. And this must contain for sure a secret ingredient because it is the best waffle I ever eat! Mmm, I need one right now! This one is worth trying out, especially for the waffle lovers! Oh, and another amazing thing Roget van Damme himself was all weekend in his food stand. So then you know for sure that what you get will be good.

– Book a tomorrowland restaurant 

I already wrote a review about my experience with the brasa restaurant at tomorrowland. And if you go to tomorrowland and it’s possible, then you must book for sure one of the restaurants experience. It’s a cool thing to do and the prices are correctly! So I only can say just do it. The popular restaurants are sold out very quickly, but by other once is there still some place. And otherwise you know for the next time that you need to book your restaurant on time!

– Alpro ice cream (only at dreamville)

At the big beige tent on dreamville is the alpro soya bar located. You can buy here different healthy food and drinks (the magic smoothie is also very good). But you could also taste the new ice cream from alpro for free; vanilla, coconut and chocolate hazelnut. So you can taste it before you choose you ice cream. A pot with ice cream contains 500 ml and the price is 4 pearls. And this is cheap. Especially if you know that a small frozen yogurt is 4,75 pearls and an ice cream cone around 3 pearls. And such a big alpro pot is perfect to share and also a good tip to survive the heat on dreamville! 😉

Lots of love xxx

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