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What is castor oil and wherefore can you use it?

Castor oil is a unique, plant-based oil that you can use for different (beauty) purposes. Castor oil or better wonder oil is perfect for strong lashes, healthy hair, for beautiful skin, and much more. For a while now I wanted to try this oil… And when it was in the promotion by holland & barrett I just bought it. It took me some time before I tried it out. But once it used it I directly knew why this is also called a ‘wonder oil’. I can already tell you that in the meantime I emptied my first bottle and very soon I’m going to buy it again (when it’s a good promotion 😉 ) . So curious for what you can use this oil? Then keep on reading! 🙂

What is castor oil?

First I’m going to tell you a little more about castor oil itself. Castor oil is 100% plant-based and mainly exists out of ricinoleic acid, this is an omega-9 fatty acid that must soften and helps with impurities. Except omega-9 you also find omega-3, omega-6 & vitamin E in castor oil. This helps with hydration & keeping the skin smooth. But this isn’t everything because this wonder oil also works moisturizing, calming and it must help reduce wrinkles. It must be perfect for dry and or sensitive skin. Expect for skin and hair is this also perfect for your brows, lashes, and for the men for their beard.

Except for these beauty possibilities they also use the oil to relieve pain and use it with inflammation, because this oil has anti-inflammatory properties. In this article, I’m only going to tell about the beauty possibilities. But now you know that this oil is multifunctional.

Watch out = when you buy castor oil that this is the only ingredient on the list. Because then you are sure that it doesn’t contain perfume, parabens, and silicon, and that it’s 100% castor oil.

Castor oil is thicker and stickier than regular oil.

For what can you use castor oil?

  • As lash serum for stronger and longer lashes.
  • For stronger nails.
  • As a cleanings oil to clean the skin or remove make-up.
  • For fuller eyebrows.
  • Hydration & skincare.
  • As massage oil.
  • Hydration for (dry) scalp.
  • Protection from (damaged) hair.
  • As hair mask.
  • As hair serum.
  • Take care of dry spots.
  • As nourishing bad oil.
  • Taking care of your beard or mustache.
  • Taking care of scars.
  • When you have dry lips.
  • As face serum.
  • As eyecare.
  • Helps with acné.
  • Because it works moisturizing it’s perfect for dehydrated skin.
  • As an anti-age product against wrinkles (bring it on in the evening and let it work whole the night).
  • Helps wounds heal faster (don’t apply it on open wounds).
  • ….

This is a small list of what you can use this oil for. I didn’t enumerate everything, because, for example, castor oil must help with painful periods. I didn’t yet try this out. But if it doesn’t work my skin is still hydrated. 😉 In the meantime, I just ordered 3 new bottles because it was 3 for 1…. 😉 And I think I’m also going to use this as an eyelash serum that I can share before and after pictures on my blog. So I will keep you posted! And I’m also going to try it as a night mask because I have dehydrated skin. On instagram I will share sometimes updates on my stories so be sure to follow me there. But I hope that with this article you have some more information about this oil and where you all can use it.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.