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Vita liberata: body blur sunless glow

Summer is coming to an end so it’s almost time to say goodbye to our pretty tan. But no worries because there are enough options to have a pretty tan whole the year. Think about spraytan, self tanners,… But to be honest till recent I never used a spraytan or self tanner before. But now I tried out a self tanner that has won a lot of prices and is very popular in Hollywood! So are you curious or this body blur from vita liberata does let my skin look as beautiful as with the big stars? Then keep on reading!

Body blur?

But what is body blur & what must this product do? It’s a body make-up & self tanner in one and it must camouflage redness & imperfection. This self tanner contains light reflecting particulars and this must give your skin a beautiful glow. It also must hydrates the skin for 72h and be water resistant. You can also use this as a make-up primer for your face. And body blur is available in 3 different shades. This product contains ingredients like:

Shea butter: ensures that the product merged with the skin.

Aloe vera: intensely hydrates the skin.

Tocopheryl acetate: helps to protect the skin against free radicals and helps to reduce fine lines.

I have the body blur, sunless glow in the shade latte. You can easy apply this self tanner with their tanning mitt. This one is so soft and has the perfect size to cover (almost) all the aria’s. With this you can easy apply the self tanner equally. And when you used the tanning mitt you must rinse this. This is so easy: just wash the tanning mitt with lake warm water and let it dry. And this is how you must apply the self tanner: you bring some product on the tanning mitt and you apply this on the skin in circular motion until you get an equal result.

And when you applied the product equally then is this the result. As you can see left with self tanner and right without. It’s a huge difference, I didn’t expect this! So of course I’m so enthusiast about this product! It gives my skin a natural looking brown color, but also a pretty glow! And my skin also feels soooo soft! 72h hydrates is maybe a bit overdone but it comes in the neighbourhood. It just gives my skin a healthy color! And… this colors stay good on his place. For sure 24h but after this the color slowly fads away. And if you take a shower the most from the self tanner will come off, but there will still be a subtle pretty brown color left.


Latte is the medium color and for my light skin I find this one amazing! And another good think about this self tanner is that you can almost directly put on your clothing. And this body blur doesn’t smells weird or like typical self tan products. The self tanner stays good on his place and gives you a pretty tan and glow! Yeeees, I find this an amazing product! But there are 2 negative things… I can understand that for some of you the glow/golden glitters are too much, because you see them clearly especially in the sun. And the other think is the price… It’s a very high price. But personally I find the product worth the price! So I get it why this lovely product is so popular under Hollywood stars and make-up artists!

Price: vita liberate body blur sunless glow cost €37,90 for 100ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.