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Vaultskin London: minimalist wallets

I think that everyone knows this ‘struggle’. You are looking for a specific card or something else and you can’t find it directly… You are searching and searching and you feel some looks towards you… Then there are two possible scenarios. Or you find what you were looking for or not at all. Yes, I often have this ‘struggle’ because my wallet is a bit too big with too many cards in it. So when vaultskin asks for a collaboration I directly was enthusiast! Because vaultskin has beautiful, luxurious, and mainly minimalist but functional wallets and iPhone wallet cases. Are you curious our this is the solution for that ‘struggle’. And how handy these wallets are? Then keep on reading!

Notting hill zipper wallet – brown – €46,95

In short some more information about vaultskin. These products are made with top grain leather. Both products that I’m showing you also are RFID secure. And this is important because RFID blocks radio waves. Thanks to this protection, people can’t copy your information. And except these two wallets, they also have other wallets with RFID blocking. But now all about this zipper wallet…

It’s a small but very practical wallet. My boyfriend often forgot his wallet because it was too big. But this one he can easy take anywhere. He is very happy with this wallet and his cards fit perfectly in this one. The model is also very stylish and fine craftsmanship!

You can not only keep your cards safe in the inside but also on the outside there are handy hidden card slots that are the perfect extra space! Perfect to save cards that you often use herein. Yes, my boyfriend loves this wallet!

Belgravia zipper wallet – champagne – €46,95

This beautiful wallet is available in 8 unique colors. I choose the color: champagne. And I must say the color is even more beautiful in real life than on the pictures. This wallet is very stylish and also looks luxurious thanks to the golden details.

This wallet is also very small but very practical. In the past, I also had problems that my wallet didn’t fit in each purse, but this one is perfect and fits in every bag! It’s the perfect wallet especially the size! In the front and back, there is also place for some cards that you often use. Inside is also perfect for at least 4 cards and of course for your cash. Yes, this one is so handy!


If you are looking for a beautiful wallet that looks luxurious and is very practical…Yes, then I would say that vaultskin is the perfect brand for you! I’m a fan of these beautiful products! I’m also very surprised by how handy and practical these are! The wallets are small but so handy because everything fits in it. I’m happy with these products and the service from vaultskin!

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.