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Uriage: water sleeping mask

If you follow my blog for a longer time then you maybe know that I’m fan from the products from Uriage… And one of the products from uriage where I was the most curious about that was their water sleeping mask. Because I never hear about a ‘sleeping mask’ before. But of course the beauty blogger inside me was directly curious… Because I love to try out new products because I’m always hoping to find a holy grail product. So are you curious what I find from the sleeping mask? And what this mask must do? Then keep on reading!

Water sleeping mask

This mask must be perfect for a dehydrated skin. You bring this mask on in the evening (a thin layer) and you just let it do his work during your ‘beauty sleep’. In the morning you just wash you face as usual. This mask must have an airy, gel texture and is on water base. It must hydrates the skin intense and must give you a flawless looking skin.

The mask indeed feels airy and good on the skin. You can easy apply a thin layer on your skin before you are going to sleep. So you let this mask on your skin the whole night. But I can recommend that when you use this mask that you lay a towel over your pillow. Because let’s be real, in your sleep you move a lot and this is still a product that is on your skin… So it’s handy to lay a towel over your pillow. But for the rest is this mask amazing! Yes, I think that I can say that this is my new holy grail! It’s a good mask that makes my skin soft, hydrates it and let my skin look flawless! But the best part from all… If I have a short night and I used this mask then you barely see something from the less sleep I had… Yes, this mask really does amazing things for my skin!


This lovely light sleeping mask gives my skin an amazing transformation. My skin always looks flawless after using this mask! And even if you don’t have a dehydrated skin it’s a lovely mask to use especially in the summer! Because this mask also has a refreshing effect, so of course I find this the perfect mask to give my skin some extra attention in the summer. But this mask is also perfect for when you have a short night, because in the morning nobody will see anything from your short night! 😉 Yes, I already have a back up from this water sleeping mask because I’m just such a fan from it!

This wonder water sleeping mask from uriage cost €13,99 for 50ml and is available online and at some pharmacies.

Lots of love xxx

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