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Uriage my water essentials

The searching after the perfect skin care products are hard. But during my search I find a lot of good products. And the last three months I’m using the products from uriage from the water line. And as you maybe know I’m a huge fan from the products from uriage. So of course where my expectations for this line high. But I can already say that thanks to these products I even became a more fan from uriage.

Water eye contour cream

The eye cream has a very light structure and feels refreshing. I find this an amazing eye cream that hydrates and also takes away a bit of my puffiness around my eyes. It’s not a wonder product, but I can see a bit difference. So I’m for sure fan from this amazing eye cream!

Water serum

This serum also has a very light structure. It feels so good and directly absorbs in my skin. It let my skin feel so soft and thanks to this serum my skin looks much better. I clearly see difference, my skin looks smoother.

Light water cream

At last I use the water cream. This cream also feels very light and refreshing it also absorbs directly into the skin. This cream is the cherry on the cake in my routine and let my skin looks flawless!


With these water essentials you directly got a full set to take care of your skin in the morning and or evening. I’m for sure very enthusiastic about these products! All the products work separate good but in combination with each other they give fantastic results! The products feel light, refreshing and absorbs directly into the skin. Thanks to this line my skin looks really good right now. It also feels very soft. But this line mainly gives my skin the hydrates it need and thanks to that my skin looks flawless! This line is almost perfect for every skin type that can use some extra attention. Or if you wanna use some light products in the summer.

The my water essentials set with three products: eyecream, serum and cream is around €30. And you can also buy the products separate.

Lots of love xxx

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