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Uriage: eau thermale water powder, jelly & cream

If you follow my blog for a longer time then you maybe know that I’m a huge fan of the brand uriage! It’s just a good skin care brand! And recently I received a package with 3 products from there water line. A compact cream, water jelly & cream. Of course I was so excited to tried out these products… I think that I been using these products for a month or 3 now, so time to tell you all about these products!

Water cream tinted compact powder – €18,90

This is a compact foundation with spf30 that also must take care of your skin. It’s an easy product to bring on. You can do this with the sponge that comes with this product. But I personally prefer a brush, because this is easier and quicker. The compact cream is only available in one shade, and for me is this one a bit too dark. But this product does work fantastic, it let my skin look so much better and equal. And I indeed have the feeling that this also takes care of my skin.

I also love the mirror inside! This is so handy when you are on the road and you wanna give your self a quick touch up.

Left is without and right is with. As you can see is this one a bit too dark for my skin tone… But despite that you can see that this cream covers my redness and imperfection. It let my skin look pretty and equal.

Water jelly 40ml – €16,50

This water jelly is for normal to combination skin you can use it in the morning and or in the evening. This is a lovely, light, refreshing gel that has a watery structure. This one feels so good and refreshing on the skin! It’s a good product that makes my skin soft, hydrates it and let it look healthy. But I think that this one will not give my skin enough hydrates during the winter… But with autumn coming I still can use this one! It’s for sure an amazing product from uriage and I love to use this one in the morning to give my skin a boost.

Beautifier water cream 40ml – €18

This water cram is for all skin types and you can use it in the morning. If I compare this one with the water jelly is this cream much richer. It’s a light pink cream that also feels good on the skin. This one must moisturizes and enhances brightens. Sound for me like the perfect day cream! And that is this one for sure! As I said before is the cream rich and it hydrates my skin fantastic! And let it indeed looks brighter and good. Because this cream is richer than the water jelly I’m sure that you can use this one whole the year also during the winter!


I’m such a huge fan of the products from uriage! And this time I’m also very happy with these products! But unfortunately the compact cream is a bit too dark for me… That is the only disadvantaged about this product, that it is only available in 1 color. But that is it because it’s just as the water jelly & cream an amazing product! At this moment I’m using the water jelly for that refreshing feeling. And when it’s getting colder I will use the water cream.

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.