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Uriage: bariesun

This month, September it can always be a late summer (fingers crossed)… Or maybe you are going on vacation? Then it is still important to protect your skin. And during last heat wave and on other lovely hot summer days I tested out some new products from uriage. A sun cream with spf 50 and two other very special products… Namely: tinted sun protecting products with spf 50. So you can give your skin a flawless look and at the same time protect it!

Ultra – light fluid SPF 50

I find the packing from this product perfect for the summer and it’s also a handy compact packing that is perfect to take with you. The sun cream is free from perfume and this one is for body & face even when you have a sensitive skin. It’s a good sun cream that feels light, is easy to apply and doesn’t feel sticky. Yes, this is for sure a favorite because the packing is also so handy to take with you!

Tinted mineral compact cream SPF50

I find this an innovative product from uriage! This is a mineral compact cream with thermal water. This one is available in two different shades: claire (light brown) & dorée (golden brown). I have the lightest color: claire. This compact cream is also perfect for sensitive skins & the best part from all is that this one protects the skin with spf 50. This product comes with a sponge. But personally I didn’t like the sponge, it was difficult to use. I personally found it much easier and better looking when I bring this product on with a stippling brush (or another big make-up brush). This cream let my skin directly look much better and smoother and it also feels good on the skin. I use this to protect my skin against the sun but also as a basis for my make-up look. Yes, this is for sure a new favorite for me!

As you can see coves this compact cream all my redness and it still looks natural! A little disadvantage is that this product is only available in 2 different colors…

Tinted cream SPF50

From the compact cream I’m fan, but from this tinted cream not really… This one is also available in two shades: claire (light brown) and dorée (golden brown). In this one I also have the lightest color: claire. This is the lightest color but I find this one a bit darker than the compact cream. As I sad before is this tinted cream nothing for my skin type. I find that this one is hard to apply evenly. It doesn’t matter what I use: a brush, sponge or my fingers this cream looks after some time not even and spotty… Also the color doesn’t suit my skin that good… So no this tinted cream is nothing for me…

On first sight it looks ok. But if you compare it with the compact cream you see much difference. This one camouflage my redness a bit but not fully, and if you take a good look you see that it also looks spotty…


Despite that I am not that enthusiast about the tinted cream I’m very happy with the other two products; the sun cream & the amazing compact cream! These two are for sure my favorite products from this summer! Especially the compact cream works fantastic and I use this often as a base for a full make-up look. So maybe we will have a late summer? Or you’re going on a vacation? Or maybe for next year? But I can for sure recommend these products! The sun cream feels so good and light and the compact cream protects your skin and let it look smooth!

Price: online I find a lot of different prizes but mostly it’s between €10 till max €20. So now you have a bit a target price.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that