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Tips & tricks to score the best sale items

In the past I already wrote an article with tips to score the best deals during the sale. And this is a bit an update on that article with some extra tips. So do you wanna score the best deals during the sale period? Then be sure to check out this article.

Start with checking or cleaning your dressing. Because that way you got an idea from what you have and what you need or want. And if you are going on your shopping trip then be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Think about a skirt, comfy shoes (without laces),.. So keep this in mind, and now let’s start with my 10 tips.

1) Keep a budget in mind. And try to keep you on that budget. A little tip is that when you go sale shopping that you only bring you budget with you.

2) Make a list with what you want or need.

3) Buy only items in the right size. So not too big or too small.

4) Ask yourself some questions like; do I really need it? Am I going to wear it often? Do I have something similar?

5) Helpline; you can’t make up your mind? Then you always can ask advice, just send a pic to your friend, lover, mother,… and maybe they can help you.

6) Check everything before you buy it. So check that your item isn’t damaged and still complete (think about diamond on necklaces or,…).

7) Try something different. The sale period is perfect to try something out of your comfort zone. Because maybe you will find a beautiful piece that otherwise you wouldn’t pick out.

8) Fit everything because the most of the time sale items can’t be returned. If you really hate the long line at the fitting rooms? Then you can start your shopping trip early or you can wear comfy clothing so that you can fit something under or over it.

9) Online shopping? Compare different (web)shops because so you maybe find a better and mostly lower price.

10) Bad buy? That always can happen. But then you can sell your bad buy online or if you have a lot you can sell it on the second hand market. That way you can earn a bit from it and you can make someone else happy with that piece.

I hope that these tips can help you! So happy sale hunting sweeties! 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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