Tips for an awesome Budapest trip

Budapest is becoming the new it city. And I can understand why, because it’s a trendy city where you can find everything that you need! But the best part… a city trip to Budapest is also budget proof! Yaay! But of course are there a few things that you need to know about this city. And you can find all these tips in this article, so that your trip to Budapest will be awesome!


Keep in mind that in Hungary you have to pay with the Hungarian Forint. You can order this by your bank. Or when you are too late or just need more you can always get your cash at the airport or at an official bank. If you get it at an official bank it’s cheaper that at the airport. But you need to get your money at an official bank, because outside in Budapest there are lots of ATMs. But don’t use these, it’s for your own safety!

Local food

Ok, the Hungarian kitchen is namely meat dishes with seasonal vegetables. If you eat meat then you must try this for sure, my boyfriend really loved the goulash. But if you are like me, a vegetarian then they are enough other options. Like what you can see above. This is a fried dough you can compare it with the dough from deep fried doughnut balls but than with sour cream and extra cheese on top. But you can also choose for other toppings like different vegetables or instead from sour cream, tomato sauce. Another thing that I saw a lot on the streets where chimney cakes. This is a sweet and special kind of cake, for sure worth trying out!

Cabin or locker

When you go to a bathhouse you mostly got to choose between a locker or a cabin. But what is such a cabin now? A cabin is a private booth where you can change your clothing. And a locker is a communal changing area. A cabin is a bit more expensive, but here you can safely stash your stuff. When you choose a cabin you get a wristband and with this you easy can open and close your cabin.

Budapest card

At the end of my trip I discovered this card. And this card is so handy! Because with the Budapest card you can use the public transport for free and you get discount or a free visited to different museums. And this card has another cool think… You namely get discount or a free visited to some bathhouses, awesome isn’t it?! And above you can see the prices and they are for sure ok! It requires a bit planning to get everything out of this card! But it’s perfect to discover Budapest!

Homemade lemonade

When you get a drink, don’t order what you would regular take, because you need to order a homemade lemonade. You find this in different sizes and tastes! You can easy order a jug lemonade or just a for yourself. Just try this, I tried so many and good homemade lemones! This is for sure a must! Oh, and you will walk the calories back off when you discover Budapest. 😉

Watch out with the cabs!

My last tip is that you have to watch out witch cab you get! Because you got official and independent drivers. They both drive in a yellow cab, but the official once got the logo from there company on there cab. So be safe and only use a cab from an official company.

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