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Tips & essentials for a relax day

We all sometimes need a relaxing day. For sure now when it’s getting colder it just feels so good to just stay inside where it’s cozy and warm. So this time I’m going to share you my tips & essentials for the ultimate relaxing day. Just a day doing nothing and just relax… So time to share you my essentials and tips…

Tips for a lovely relax day:

– Give your lover a massage or let your lover massage you or just book a massage or facial treatment in your neighborhood…

– Take a long bath or shower. And treat yourself with a good face or and hair mask. After that you can use a body lotion and wear a lovely soft bathrobe so that you don’t get cold.

– Give yourself a manicure and paint your nails in a happy color and you also can paint your toenails in a nice color.

– A relax day is also perfect to watch your favorite series or movie(s). You can also watch the newest episode from your series… And otherwise you can just watch your series or movie again. You will see things that you never saw before and you will understand somethings better!

My essentials:

But what I find the most important during my relax day… That is the right comfortable clothing! During my relax day I love to wear the whole day a bathrobe or just a cozy onesie. And of course I’m always wearing some good slippers. I just love to wear warm, comfortable, soft chill clothing on my relax day. So of course it this article you can see my clothing essentials. Oh, and all these items are from my favorite store for relax clothing… From the Hunkemöller! Because there you find the funnies, nicest, prettiest and ever more female relax clothing! 😉 But my essentials are namely: warm slippers, bathrobes, onesies and other soft sweater items…

I really love onesies, because you got more funny ones like unicorns,… but you also got more female once. An onesie is so comfortable and I love it! What I also love to wear on my relax day is a soft sweater dress. These are also so comfy and lovely!

Lots of love xxx

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