Tip: grand depot outlet Antwerp (Hunkemöller, zeb,…)

No idea what you can do today? Because I’ve got a little but awesome tip for you… Especially when you love to score some good deals! Because today is the last day from the grand depot outlet in Antwerp. And correct me if I’m wrong but I thought that this started as an exclusive stock sale from Hunkemöller. But now it’s not only for Hunkemöller because the grand depot outlet is even more! I was curious so I went to the expo in Antwerp! I already heard a lot of stories about the long waiting lines etc. So I decided to go early….

What is it?

In the grand depot outlet in the expo Antwerp, you find namely everything from Hunkemöller. But in the other halls there were outlets from other big brands like ZEB, Salt & Pepper, Yong & Go Sport. You can find here everything from clothing, lingerie, nightwear till home accessories and much more from last season for little prizes.

The main reason for my visited was of course the Hunkemöller outlet. And this is for sure worth it! There was a whole hall with only Hunkemöller stuff. So lots of bra’s, underwear, nightwear, swimwear and much more. There was enough choose. Everything was also good ordered and almost everything was hung on size. So it was easy to search for what you need. And they also restocked it often! So that’s great!

There was also a price list:

And I bought 31 pieces, oops! But I needed new underwear for sure… I bought a lot of different things like a backpack, bra’s, sport bra, nightwear,… And down below you can see what I bought. So let’s play a game… Take a little guess how much I payed for all these 31 pieces…

I payed €122, and that’s for sure not much especially when you know that it normally was €670.69…


From now on I’m going more to this outlet! I love to do such a lovely deals! I also scored a beautiful jacket in the zeb outlet! So I’m a happy girl! I read a lot about long waiting line at the cash desk. But it was not that long, I was in the line for 30min, that’s for sure ok!

Some tips:

For this outlet you can register you beforehand for free. You need to do this! Because otherwise you will pay €5 entree.

Come as early as possible! This way you can shop a little more relaxed. And then you can avoid the long waiting lines. 😉

You can’t try anything on. So be sure that you know all your sizes!

This outlet is taking place today from 10h till 17h. And in the future when this outlet will take place again, I will keep you up to date. Because then I also going. 😉

Lots of love xxx

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