This was 2017

We are already almost in the half of January, but I still wanted to share my article how 2017 was. I overflow all the months and I will tell you what was special or less to them! Curious how 2017 was for me? Then keep on reading!


Amsterdam fashion week & bad beginning from 2017

The beginning of 2017 was not so good … I’m not going to tell much about that but January was a very depressing month… But for the rest I did a casting and I went to the Amsterdam fashion week to see the given show!


Sick, new pc & gel nails

February wasn’t a good month either… Like I sad before was the beginning from 2017 just horrible… I was sick for a long time and my pc broke down… But luckily I found a fantastic secondhand pc! In February I also started with gel nails!


Examination Committee & blog events

This month I came till the conclusion that my diploma wasn’t a diploma but a certificate. So I went to an info session to yet get my diploma! I still have a few exams left to do but I hope that I will get my diploma very soon! I also went to 4 amazing events! The avant premiere from Miss Sloane, the opening from clouds of fashion Ghent, to the Hugo Boss event and I got the chance to discover the new bensimon collection


Press days & clouds of fashion sale

In April is it time for one of my favorite days of the year; the press days! Whoop whoop! And in my family there was some new live born; kittens! I also tried to sell clothing on the clouds of fashion sale. But this was a bummer! Ok, it’s amazing to shop there but the selling clothing it is very difficult because there is just too much! But now that I know that I will only go the this sale to shop! 😉


Birthday, blog events & home nursing

In May it’s my birthday, yaay! But also some other sad things happened… I started working for a beauty brand, and now I got lots of regrets that I did that… Because the person behind the brand wasn’t that correct. She promised much, but that was everything… Also this month I needed 3x time a week home nursing to give me an injection… But luckily I went to 3 awesome events! Namely from Suziki, dove and the jewelry brand lott.


Education, events & Spain

June directly started with an education for hot stone massage. I learn a lot and I also passed everything! I also went to a cool event from miracles and to the tan dem digital night. End June I went to Spain  because my boyfriend needed to make photos for that brand. But to be honest this also wasn’t a nice experience… It al was better articulated than it was. I also did so much for that brand, but I stopped with it because I didn’t have much time… And I never got a thank you even when we payed everything for Spain or selfs…


Movie shooting Paris, motor trip Luxembourg & Tomorrowland

In July I went to Paris with my boyfriend for shooting a Belgium tv series. It was an awesome but heavy experience. We also went to Luxembourg for a motorbike trip. It’s so beautiful there but shame on me I didn’t toke any picture. But luckily I made a lot of pic on Tomorrowland! Whaaa, I wanna go back this year! Tml is just to awesome!


Newport & graduated beautician!

My sweet family was on a vacation in Newport and I also went to there for a few days. And our Belgium cost still has his charms to relax for a bit! I also saved money for my education and I officially graduated  as a beautician! So the practice part and the theory. I was so happy because I past my practice exam for a while now, but now I also got the theory!


Education all around grime, events & catwalk

In September I directly started with my classes for all around grime, so make-up, hairstyling, grime and facepaint. And now I’m still regretting my choice… Because I love make-up but the other 3 classes are not really something for me… So time for a more adventure with make-up and not the grime. 😉 I also went to some amazing events from Magnum, remington and tui. And I also did something else what was very special…. I walked as a model for a nice boutique on the longest catwalk in Bornem. Someone canceled the night before and they asked me or I would do that… And I never say no to such an opportunity! 🙂


Events, laser hair removal & acting boot camp

October was also such an amazing month with some nice events from kusmi, tea, ‘de nieuwe natie’ and much more! I also started with something I wanted to begin with for a while now… Namely with laser hair removal from my armpits. I’m already very happy with the results and soon I will tell you more about this in an article. But the best thing from this month is that I had an acting boot camp! This was such a fantastic experience! I learned so much and I’m already looking forward for more acting boot camps.


Press days, the grand blogger dinner & Budapest

November was busy with events and my studies. But one of my favorite moments was of course the grand blogger dinner and the press days! The dinner was a real experience and it was so good! I also went too the press days in Antwerp and Brussels. But the end of November was for me the best part. Because than I went with my boyfriend on a citytrip to Budapest!


Missprettiness 2.0

December was all about studying and of course the Holidays! And I’m still busy with a new concept for my blog namely missprettiness 2.0. As you maybe already saw are there some changes like the lay-out! And I also got other amazing idea! When everything is done is will let you know! Because then you are welcome on missprettiness 2.0 and I’m sure you will love it!

It was a busy but awesome year! Sometimes with up and downs. But remember to never give up and always believe in your dreams! <3

Hopefully was 2017 also a great year for you! And I’m pretty sure that your 2018 will be amazing!

Lots of love xxx

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