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It’s been a while since I was on vacation to Mallorca… It’s was an amazing vacation and during my time there I also wrote down some tips… Only I never published these tips… So better late then never is here my article with to do tips when you’re in Mallorca.

I stayed in Sa Coma. So these tips are also from the region.

– Porto Cristo

These are not my words but people say that Porto Cristo is one of the most beautiful villages on Mallorca. Potro Cristo is mainly known for there beautiful port and there caves. The most famous one is Cuevas del Drac. This one is for sure very special. Because almost at the end of the caves there is a special classic concert. This is so special to see! But also Porto Cristo itself is a beautiful historic town. There are so many pretty places to visited!

– Zugga

And when you are in Porto Cristo and you need a refreshing… Then be sure to check out zugga. My boyfriend and I both ordered here the best bubble tea ever made with there good frozen yogurt (you could choose that ;)). But expect bubble tea you also find there smoothies, ice cream, frozen yogurt,…

Address: Carrer d’En Bordils, 47, Porto Cristo

– Sa Coma viewing point

It is a bit of a walk to get to this viewing point, but then you got something. So you can see this as your workout. 😉 It beautiful to walk to this point. The first time we walked on the ‘normal’ route between the nature. But to get back we went more to the sides and went off road. This is a bit more adventures but we saw so many pretty places and views. So I can recommend that you don’t take the same route but just take another one. The viewing point is looking like a little castle and it’s free to visited it and then you got a beautiful view. And another little tip, take some water and a little snack with you, because it’s a hell of a walk especially if you choose for the more adventure walk!

– Brittani pub

Are you hungry or thirsty after your walk to the viewing point ? Then I can recommend Brittani food. This is located in the shopping street… So if you also wanna do some shopping. 😉 By Brittani food they have a lot of chooses also a lot veggie options (yaay). The prices are also ok. The food is simple but so good. And when I was their the service was also quick. This is mainly a bar and in the evening there is a lot to do. But we didn’t do that, we just went there for a late lunch/early dinner.. And for 2 drinks, a veggie hamburger and a stuffed potato with bacon (?) we payed €19,50. So that is for sure a nice price!

Address: Av. Magaluf, 6, Calvià

– Historic town, Artà

Porto Cristo is also a historic town. But Artà looks so different and this town has so many charms. Artà is know for there two beautiful churches that are accessible through stairs and steeply sloping. Artà is less know by the tourists, but it’s for sure worth the visit! It’s a old town with so much charms. And from the San Salvador church you got a stunning view!

– Rent a vespa

You can do this everywhere. But be sure to check it out or it’s reliable! And if it’s 1000% reliable then I would recommend to rent a vespa. It feels so good to just drive around Mallorca and discover everything with the vespa.

I hope that you are something with my tips & then I wish you an amazing and safe trip!

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Lots of love xxx

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