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Some time ago I booked a last minute vacation to the Greece island Kos. Because it was a last minute I didn’t have much time to prepare anything, so I didn’t know what I could expect and do on Kos. But till my surprise Kos is an island that does have much to offer! That is also why I wanna share my tips with you! So that you know what you can expect when you are going to this lovely island!


Kos is a Greece island that is well-known for their bustling city, the beautiful landscapes and their sunsets and sunrises. Kos is a relaxing island with so much to do. The temperatures on Kos are also nice. So what is for sure worth doing on this beautiful island? I will tell you everything because there is much choose, from adventure till a relaxing massage till the bustling city till…

– Riding a bike

Kos is known to be a cycling island, so when you are in Kos you must get to know the island by bike! You got so many options where you can rent one. And depending from which bike and how many days a bike cost around €4 till €9 per day. The north for the island is pretty smooth and there are a lot of cycle paths, so perfect to discover everything! It’s an easy, nice and cheap way to get to know Kos. And if you wanna be a bit more adventurous? Then you can always rent a mountain bike because that way you can also ride and discover this island ‘off road’.

– Rent a buggy or quad

If you wanna discover more from the island or just go further away then you can always rent a buddy or quad. It’s a bit more adventures than a car, but for sure worth it! I rent a buggy and it was €60 for the whole day. Like I said it more of an adventure but it’s so cool to discover more from Kos this way and to go further away. But be sure that you apply enough sun screen!

– Visiting Kos city itself

You are on the island Kos so you need to bring a visited to Kos city for sure! Kos the city has lots to offer! It’s a bustling city with very lovely and cozy streets. For sure a must do!

– Mountain village Zia

This typical mountain village is worth your time! You got such a nice places over their where you can eat with a beautiful view! It’s a cozy but bustling city with stunning surroundings! A must see!

– Traditional Greece food

Tzatziki, Greek salad, moussaka, spanakopita,…this are just a few popular Greece meals. So when you are in Greece be sure to try a typical Greece meal! Their kitchen is very surprising and you will have the best Greece salad ever! I personally order a lot of halloumi, this is not a ‘typical Greece’ meal it’s namely from Cyprus. But almost everywhere where I was I could order this lovely cheese!

– Horse back riding

I didn’t do this myself, but I saw this and it looked for sure worth it! You can go horse back ridding by sunrise or sunset or on the beach, in the water,… Especially during a sunset or rise I think that it will be magical to go horse back riding in Kos.

– Massage on the beach

If you love a good relaxing massage then is this for sure something for you! There a different locations where you can get a massage on Kos, also on the beach! Very relaxing with the sound of the sea in the background.

– Thermal springs, Embros Thermae

Embros Thermae is a heat source at the south east coast from Kos. It unique to visited these springs, this is from a natural origin, and must have a temperature from around 40 till 50 degrees. It’s free to visited this and it’s a little place at the beach. But it takes some effort and time to get their, it’s a 20 minute walk down but when you’re going back it’s a hell of a walk back. But visiting these springs is very pleasant. The natural spring is shielded with rocks. And if the thermal spring is too hot for you? Then you can always sit at the rocks on the seaside, their you get the warmth of the springs while you sitting in the colder sea water. The natural spring does have a special smell, sulfuric.

– Water sports

I think that you can almost do every possible water sport on Kos. From windsurfing till diving till jet-ski till.. So for everyone there is something. You go enough location on Kos where you can do water sports. But watch out because the prizes are different and sometimes you can score a nice deal if you wanna try out more water sports.

– Spotting flamingos

Depending from when you are in Kos you can be lucky and spot flamingos at the salt lake in Tigaki.This is a nature reserve where you can spot different birds like flamingos. Mostly during the winter and early in the season you got the most chance to see flamingos. At the end of the vacation season you got less chance. So like it said depending from when you are in Kos you maybe got a chance to spot flamingos.

– Asklepieion

This is the most famous and important monument on Kos. To visited this archaeological site you pay €8 for an adult. You can easy go to here with the car, scooter, buggy,… by bike is also possible or there is a mini train ridding on different hours to this location. When you visited this you also get a beautiful view!

– Boat trip

There are different boat trips departing from Kos. Like example you can book a boat trip to visited different islands or you can even sail to Turkey, Bodrum. But many more is possible, you wanna do this but you aren’t a fan from day excursions? Then you can always book a boat trip in the evening to like example watch a beautiful sunset.

I hope your stay in Kos will be amazing with these tips! So I wish you all the best, enjoy your trip and have a save flight!

Lots of love xxx

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