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The body shop: vitamin C glow boosting microdermabrasion

I was looking for a new scrub and I accidentally ended up in the body shop… But there is a funny story to that… A while ago I think in April it did a casting. This was in Mechelen just across the shopping street…. So this was the perfect opportunity and I went on a little shopping trip and as you know I ended up in the body shop. And there was this vitamin c product calling my name. I already wrote some reviews about vitamin c product from Kiehl’s en Vichy. But this product didn’t got my attention because it said vitamin c on the packing. No, it got my attention because it said: microdermabrasion. And so I was directly interested in this special scrub…

The body shops says that this products contains: fine, scrubbing micro particles and ground garnet minerals. And this must remove death skin cells and give you a bright and flawless skin.

This scrub doesn’t have the regular structure from a normal scrub. It feels a bit like microdermabrasion. The small particles in this feel a bit like the structure from sand. It doesn’t feel like a normal scrub, it totally feels different. But if have the feeling that this cleanses the skin more that just a normal scrub. I just love the special feeling from these structure, it feels so special and it really got me thinking about microdermabrasion. So the name fits perfect by this product!


The structure is so different then from a normal scrub. And the result also… I have the feeling that this does more for my skin and works better than a normal scrub. It removes the death skin cell perfectly! So that is why I won’t recommend to use this more than once a week. I use it once a week and it makes my skin soft and let it looks much better. And with that I mean that this scrub makes my skin smoother and brighter. My dull skin made place for a fresh looking good smooth skin. I’m using this product since end April and I still use this weekly. So we are almost half a year further and the scrub still works fantastic and there is still a lot of product in it! It’s a more expensive product, but it’s economic in use so the price is for sure not much! Also because this one is better than a regular scrub! I just love this product! I never thought that this would work that good… But I’m so happy that it works that fantastic, because my skin looks much better now! And I also suffer less from impurities. So it’s an amazing product!

Price: the vitamin c microdermabrasion from the body shop cost €20 for 100ml.

Lots of love xxx

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