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The body shop: shine lip liquid

I don’t know or it’s just me but lately I don’t see much about the body shop… And I find this a bit sad because a lot of my favorite products are from the body shop! So I thought let’s give some extra attention to tbs… And this time I’m going to show you the shine lip liquids. I’ve got these in two colors: lemon sherbet and blueberry chew. So time to show you these tbs products… 🙂

I find the packings from these shine lip liquids nice and handy. Mainly handy because they have the same color as the product. So by seeing the packing you know right away or you have the right color. These lipsticks are enriched with jojoba oil & marula and argan oil. And something important… The products are vegan! So time to tell you all about it!

Lemon sherbet 101

The name from this product does me think about the Harry Potter movies, from sherbet lemon. Ok the name is in the wrong order but I always have to think about that. Also because this product smells like sweet lemons. I already told you that the packing looks like the color… But the colors are less in your face then the actual packings. Because you barely see something from it on your lips…

As you can see is it a very subtle color. It’s a nice golden color with a yellow shine and golden glitter in this.

Blueberry chew 102

Let’s start with telling you more about the handy applicator! This applicator is kind of shaped in a heart. It’s works amazing and so easy!

This is also a subtle color with mainly pink, purple & blue glitter in it. It’s a pretty color to were over a lipstick! And this one also smells so sweet!


These lip products are for sure nice. The colors are a bit subtle, but because of this are these perfect to were as a top coat over your lipstick. The products itself smells so good and sweet and they are easy to apply. And the best part… They also take care of your lips and make them so soft! I mainly use them as a top coat over my lip color and sometimes just to take some extra care of my lips. As a topcoat over a red or pink color are these ones so pretty! Then you can see the glitter very clearly and it gives your lip color that extra! Especially the golden one is so pretty when you were it over a red lipstick! So all with all are these lip products handy to bring on and they take care of your lips. But to just where them like this you don’t see much… And €9 for then a more lip top coat product is a bit pricey… But that’s just my opinion! 🙂

The shine lip liquids from the body shop are available in different colors and the price is €9.

Lots of love xxx

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  • Evelien

    Wat goed dat ze vegan zijn, en vind het ook altijd fijn als ze lekker ruiken. Maar het effect op de lippen is niet iets voor mij, ik draag sowieso amper iets op m’n lippen. Behalve lippenbalsem in de winter, haha 😅 Plakken ze niet erg op de lippen?

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