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The body shop: hemp

The body shop hemp line is perfect for intense hydration and for the (very) dry skin. This line has for example a hand cream, body butter, shower oil, and many more products to keep the fluid balance from your skin and to recover the skin up to 24h. All the products from this line contain community trade-hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is well known for intense caring and it must help recover the skin. I tested out 3 products from this line: the hand cream, shower oil, and the overnight mask. Curious our this indeed are the best products for intense hydration? Then keep on reading.

Overnight nourishing rescue mask – 75 ml – €20

Right before you are going to sleep you can bring on a thin layer from this mask. The next morning you just rinse your face like you normally do. This mask must keep the moisture from your skin up till 72h. It’s mainly a night mask, but I sometimes just use it as a regular mask. Then I apply a thinker layer and let it stay on my face for 20 till 30 minutes.

The mask smells a bit special, hard to describe. But I can understand that not everyone is fan from this. But the mask is easy to apply.

And I must say that this mask surprised me. My skin is sometimes dry and then comes this mask perfectly! If I use it as an overnight mask then I wake up with a soft, hydrates skin. It also absorbs almost fully into my skin during the night without leaving a greasy feeling. This mask is for sure something for you if you have dry till very dry skin. You will notice so much different in the morning. My results were that my skin felt good and soft and my dry sports were gone. For sure an amazing product!

Hydrating & protecting shower oil – 250 ml – €8

This lovely soft oil directly started to foam when it touches water. For me, it was a bit getting used to such an oil. But it really feels pleasant on the skin. If you have a dry till very dry skin then I’m sure you will love this one! It’s a good shower oil that cleanses the skin without drying it out. I noticed that this one takes care of my skin and protects it. But I must say… I hate the smell of this oil… You love it or you hate it. And I’m not a fan of the smell… But for the rest works this one very well!

Hard-working hand protector – 100 ml – €13

This hand cream is one of the best sellers from this line, and I know why. This hand cream must even take care of the driest hands. This one must give intense hydration and also protect. This hand cream is a bit thicker from structure than other hand creams. But despite that is this one easy to apply.

This hand cream needs some more time to absorb into the skin than a ‘regular’ light hand cream. But after some minutes I directly notice that this cream leaves a protection film. It doesn’t feel greasy, but you just feel that it takes good care of my hands. My hands were very dry even with cracks. But this hand cream was for sure a lifesaver for me. This one made my hands back to normal. Even my boyfriend with his ‘raw work hands’ is a huge fan of this hand cream. If you are looking for an amazing hand cream for dry hands? Yes, then you need this one! It’s the best hand cream I have ever tried! I’m going to buy this one for sure again!


The ‘hemp’ line from the body shop is for sure perfect for dry till very dry skin. My personal favorite is for sure the hand cream! Especially now that I wash and disinfect my hands more this one is a must-have. The other 2 products also work perfectly, only the smell from the shower oil is nothing for me… But if you are looking for good products for your (very) dry skin? Then I would recommend taking a look at the hemp line from the body shop.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.