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The body shop: fuji green tea scrub shampoo

I see more and more brands come out with a hair scrub. So I was directly interested and went on a shopping trip to find a hair scrub. And the body shop luckily had one the fuji green tea cleansing hair scrub. But what exactly is a hair scrub? I will tell you all the benefits from this and also why a hair scrub can give you flawless looking hair…. Because except our skin that needs a weekly scrub session our scalp can also use this! Think about dead skin cells, grease,… this lays a filter over your scalp. So that overflowing layer you can easily remove with a hair scrub! You have two different kinds of hair scrubs on the market. One that can replace your shampoo and one that you use before you wash your hair with shampoo. The one where I’m going to tell you all about is a scrub shampoo, so this one can replace your regular shampoo.

Fuji Green Tea Scrub Shampoo

This is an invigorating scrub shampoo with Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals and honey from Ethiopia. This must be a natural way to take care of your hair. It’s perfect for normal to oily hair. The scrub must remove impurities and must give your hair a beautiful shine. This scrub shampoo is formulated without silicones.

How to use this scrub shampoo?

Just as a regular shampoo. You massage it onto the scalp to help stimulate blood flow and whisk away impurities. In the beginning, was this  scrub shampoo not that easy to use, it was a bit searching to find the perfect way for me to use this one. But after some time I found a way that worked for me. I wash the front and back for my head separate, and this works for me the best because a hair scrub has another and more solid structure

What is my thought about this product?

To be honest, in the beginning I didn’t like this product. Each time I used it as a shampoo, the next day my hair looked greasy again. And I also didn’t found this scrub shampoo handy in use. And after using it a few times this scrub shampoo just stayed untouched for some months. But recently I told myself if I wanna buy or use new products I first need to empty one. So I started to use this scrub shampoo again. First with washing my hair after the scrub shampoo with regular shampoo and after some time just the scrub as shampoo.

What I love about this is the refreshing feeling this gives to your scalp. This feels so good! My scalp never felt that fresh! It also makes my hair airy but only for max 2 days. So I still have the feeling that this scrub shampoo makes my hair more oily than with a regular shampoo. And during the winter I noticed that this scrub shampoo makes my scalp and hair dry. If I use the scrub shampoo I always have dandruff after I washed my hair with it…. So for my hair type is this scrub not perfect during the winter. So yes, I’m going to store away this scrub until the summer is back. Because then I’m sure I also will enjoy that refreshing feeling more!


For my hair type is this not a fantastic product. But this is for sure not a bad product! I can understand the benefits of a hair scrub for sure! But my colored hair is in the winter dry, so it asks for other products. But if you hair isn’t colored (?) or just normal or greasy, then can this be a good product for you. I heard a lot of positive things about this scrub, but for me personally is this nothing. I’m gone empty this one in the summer, because then I’m sure that, that refreshing feeling will feel so good. But I’m not going to buy this one again.

Price: the body shop fuji green tea cleansing hair scrub cost €18 for 240ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.