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The body shop: almond milk body yogurt

During the summer I always forget to take some extra care for my skin. Yes, I use sun cream and sometimes an after sun but that is it. But sometime I notice that my skin needs some extra hydrates. But most of the time body products feel sticky especially during the summer… It mostly use body products in the evening or after a shower, and then I want a good body product that feels light and directly absorbs into the skin. Because I hate a sticky feeling in the summer! 😉 So when I was looking trough my body products I found this body yogurt from the body shop. First I was in doubt because from tbs I normally use their body butter. But I also was curious what a body yogurt would be and how it would feel…

Body yogurt?

Sounds special a body yogurt doesn’t it? But what is a body yogurt now exactly? The body shop says that this must have a refreshing gel texture, absorbs quickly into the skin and it must hydrates the skin for 48h long. Tbs has 6 body yogurts and at this moment they also have 3 special editions, so at this moment the body yogurts are their in 9 different smells. According to their site are almond milk, moringa and British rose their best sellers. And by chance I have one of their best sellers namely; almond milk!

What do I think about it?

Let’s start with the smell. Almond milk is an amazing good en lovely soft smell. The body yogurt feels so good and refreshing on the skin. This body yogurt really looks like a real yogurt and also feels like this on the skin. It’s an easy product to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin. With as result a soft skin that feels fantastic. You don’t need much from this product so that’s for sure an extra plus point. After using this body yogurt you will subtle smell the almond in a soft way. And I’m pretty sure that a lot will love this smell!


I find this body yogurt for a sensitive skin so good! Even if you don’t have a sensitive skin it’s just an amazing product! It feels very light and refreshing, almost directly gets absorbs into the skin and makes your skin so soft! It’s the perfect product to use in the summer to give your skin so extra attention without a sticky feeling. Yes, for the summer I find this body yogurt so good and I can recommend to use it during the summer! And this one is also 100% vegan and as I said you don’t need much so except vegan is this one also budget proof! But I don’t think that during the winter it will give your skin the caring it needs. But for the summer is this light feeling body yogurt so nice! So yes, I found the perfect body product to give my skin some extra hydration during the summer! 🙂

Price: the body shop – almond milk body yogurt cost €10 for 200ml.

Lots of love xxx

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