Summer tip: inflatable pool unicorn, flamingo and much more in lidl

Inflatable pool floats are so hot on social media! You got these in all the possible forms, think about something crazy and they have a pool floating of it! Think about french fries, pizza, a wine bottle,… But you also have the it floating that you see almost everywhere like a unicorn and flamingo! And we all want such a cool pool floating! Such a unicorn was on my wishlist for a while now. But most of the time they weren’t pretty or too expensive. And now I’ve got some exciting news for you guys! Because in the store: lidl…

You can buy these amazing floating for a good budget price! Because these unicorns and flamingos floating only cost €14,99! They are huge and perfect for your insta photo!

But this is not everything…

And the coolest thing is that they also have other inflatables! Because what did you think about a cool pineapple or pizza or an ice cream? So cool isn’t it! And that isn’t everything because they also have a watermelon floating! So after your ride on your unicorn you can chill on your favorite snack! The pineapple, pizza, ice cream or watermelon cost €9,99.


Of course are the popular flamingo and unicorn online sold out. Buuuut in the lidl itself they are still available! So don’t wait to long to get your unicorn or flamingo!

The watermelon, pineapple, pizza and the ice cream are still available online and in the store.

And what about you? What do you think about such a floating? I bought the unicorn. And soon you can of course expect an insta photo! 😉

Lots of love xxx

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