Summer recipe: sugarless ginger lemonade

The summer is finally here, so time to get our tan on and enjoy the sun! But there is one thing that can’t lack with this good weather and that is a good summery drink! And what is there nicer that a good summer cocktail or homemade lemonade? Noting at all, I guess! 😉 So with this good weather I will share more often a good summer recipe. This can be a good cocktail with or without alcohol or an ice tea or lemonade or… But this time I start with something without alcohol, it’s a lemonade but it’s a healthy one! I will share my recipe with you for a good sugarless ginger lemonade with lemon! It’s easy to make but so healthy, so let’s start!

What do you need?

– a good piece a ginger, 5 till 7 cm cut in pieces

– 750 ml water

– agave syrup or honey you can add as many as you wish

– the juice from 1 lemon

How to make this lemonade?

Start with boiling the ginger for 10min in the water. Then you can add the honey or agave and the lemon juice, let this boil for a few minutes. Then it’s time to let this drink cool down and to poured the lemonade though a sieve. When it’s cool down you can serve it with ice cubes and if you love lemon or mint you can always also add this too!

Why is this so healthy?

Normally is frizzy drink not so healthy, but this one is only sweetened with honey or agave syrup. But it is the ginger that makes this drink so healthy. Ginger is namely the perfect detoxer and it also has a positive effect on the digestion. But the best part is that ginger is a real magic solution for nausea! So this is not only a good detox drink but it’s also perfect to drink after a wild night out!

Soon I will post more summery recipes, so I hope you will love these! 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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