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Summer feeling with yves rocher nail polish

The weather in the beginning of this week was really fantastic and the sun does use desire after the summer! Especially when the weather is like now a little less. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t create a summer feeling! And what is there better than a lovely summer color on your nails… So time to show you two summer nail colors from yves rocher!

22 Rose camélia

This is a beautiful, bright candy pink color! This is for sure the perfect color to get in spring and summer mood!

As you can see is this really a pretty color. The nail polish itself is easy to bring on, dries quick and with 2 coats you get this pretty bright color!

94 or pailleté

This is a lovely polish to make your manicure more special! You can easy use it as a top coat and with just one layer you got a beautiful effect. But if you wanna make it more special? Then you can also just use it as a polish and not as a top coat, but I think that then you need 4 or more coats.

As you can see you get a beautiful effect with only one layer! This top coat contains big chunky silver glitters and different smaller golden once. A real beauty!


Both nail polishes are so pretty and amazing to get in the mood for spring and the summer! They work amazing, dry fast and from the bright pink color you only need two coats and from the top coat just one! So these nail polishes work good and are mainly pretty!

Yves rocher le vernis cost €5,90 each, but they often do a promotion and then it’s only €2,95 each. So I would see keep an eye on the yves rocher promotions!

Lots of love xxx

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