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Sleek say the magic word: mini matte me collection

If you ask me what my must go make-up product is, then I will say with no doubt lipstick. I really but really love lipstick in all the different colors. From sweet cute colors till mysterious dark colors. You name it and I will have that color lipstick in my collection. Except the once from sleek, because till my big surprise I didn’t have any lip products from them. And I think that the mean reason was that sleek is difficult to get from me… I know that they sell it in the di in Belgium. But to be honest I don’t visited that store to often… (Except to buy surprise bags, haha 😉 ). But recently I had to wait for a long time and by chance there was a di store nearby. So to spent my time well and I thought let’s bring a little visited. And you may guess 3 time… Yes, of course I bought something from sleek. And because choosing 1 lip color was to hard I directly bought a set with 4 mini matte me colors. Perfect to discover or I like these ones.

I’ve got the set ‘say the magic word’ with the 4 mini version from rioja red, velvet slipper, old hollywood and birthday suit. They all contain 3 ml so this is perfect to discover or the colors are something for you. The packing is firm and handy to take with you. All the colors are easy to apply with the sponge applicator.

Rioja red

Brighter that this red is don’t exist. Rioja red is a bright almost fiery red color. This one apply very easy and equal. It’s for sure the perfect color if you love bright red or for a special night out. I really love red lip colors but this one I only would wear for a special occasion. But it’s for sure an eye catcher from a lip color!

Velvet slipper

Is a special dark purple color. This one is a bit hard to bring equal on. But with the right quantity you can you bring this one perfect on your lips. It’s for sure a dark color, but I love it! It’s also a color that you don’t see that often, so yes I like it a lot!

Old Hollywood

This color is even harder to bring equal on your lips… As you can see on the photos it looks a bit spotty. I also think that this one dries my lips out the most. It is a very special almost black dark red color. Very dark but mysterious.

Birthday suit

Normally I wound’t choose such a color, this is a typical Kylie Jenner color. But till my big surprise is birthday suit a beautiful color that I wear with much pleasure! It’s a pretty nude color with a cold, pink undertone. Perfect to wear everyday! Especially because this one stays on your lips for a while!

From left to right: old hollywood, velvet slipper, rioja red & birthday suit.


Not all the lip colors are that perfect to wear each day. But it are for sure beautiful and unique colors! The only negative thing is that the two darkest colors are difficult to bring on. And also that old hollywood brings on a bit stained (you can see this very good on the swatches on my arm). But for the rest is this a nice set to try out the awesome matte me lip creams from sleek! The colors stay on your lips for a while without drying out your lips. This mini set is also handy if you don’t know witch color you want. And now I know for sure that I need the full side packing from 6ml from birthday suit. The mini’s contains 3ml and that’s for sure enough! I really love this mini set from sleek! It’s also the perfect gift someone or for yourself! 😉

The sleek ‘say the magic word’ mini matte me collection is €14.95 for the whole set with 4 lovely colors.

Lots of love xxx

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