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Simply essentials: monoi de tahiti hair mask

First of all, I didn’t publish a lot of articles lately because I had no time. But I’m doing my best and from now on more articles will come online. But be sure to follow me on instagram because I also post a lot there. And now all about this review! 🙂

Hair masks, this is something I love to use once a week. Mainly because I color my hair and because of that it’s a bit dryer and also because I have curly fluffy hair. My hair really needs a weekly treatment. And the last couple of weeks I tried out this hair mask from simply essentials. I found this on in the ‘from me to me’ goodiebox (this was also my first goodiebox ever 😉 ). I wanted to publish this review sooner, but because of lack of time, I couldn’t… But I can already tell you that in the meantime I emptied this hair mask, so this means I liked this one!

This mask contains monoi-oil, it must be the perfect moisturizing cream. It must nourish your hair, recover vitality and work against the harmful influence from sun and wind. It sounds like a dream mask for whole the year!

What are my thoughts about it:

Let’s start with the smell, mmm lovely and tropical! The mask itself is easy to apply and you can bring in on dry or just washed hair. You let this mask do his work for 5 minutes after this you can rinse it out with lukewarm water. Curious what this mask does for my hair? First of all it makes it so soft and let it smell so good! I also notice that my hair feels and looks less dry. My hair just looks good, healthy and shiny and this in only 5 minutes!


Yes, this mask really is amazing! It smells good, makes my hair so soft and let it look healthy. And this in only 5 minutes, it couldn’t get any better, could it? Yeees, it could because this mask is budget proof! I found this mask in my goodiebox so I don’t know where exactly it is from (maybe online?). Buuut when I find this one again I’m going to buy it for sure!

Price: €5 for 150ml

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.