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On my blog I already told you before about signal namely about the ‘white touch’ and the ‘white now’ toothpaste. And this time I’m going to talk about something new… Namely, signal bio, these toothpastes are BIO certified and contain natural ingredients enriched with fluoride. These toothpastes are perfect to take care of your teeth in a natural way. And I already can tell you that I find it amazing that signal now has bio toothpastes! Are you curious about what my thoughts are about these toothpastes? Then keep on reading!

The signal bio protection toothpaste contains natural plant extracts that are BIO certified and are enriched with fluoride. These must protect against dental plaque and strengthen gum in a natural way. You have 3 different toothpastes with each their own working: for protection, natural freshness, and for whiter teeth.

Natural protection

This toothpaste contains biological aloe vera-extract and is enriched with zinc. Zinc helps to strengthen gum and protects on a natural way to combat bacteria.

Natural white

This natural white toothpaste contains silica from natural origin to make your teeth whiter. Also this toothpaste contains zinc and fluoride. This one is perfect if you want whiter teeth and protect them in a natural way.

Natural freshness

This natural freshness toothpaste contains biological mint extracts and essential oils from biological eucalyptus for long-lasting freshness. And this one also contains zinc and fluoride. This toothpaste is perfect for strong teeth and fresh breath.


These bio toothpastes are amazing! They also ‘taste’ fresh and give after brushing your teeth a fresh feeling in your mouth. The ‘natural white’ toothpaste is neutral but also a bit fresh. But mainly the ‘natural freshness’ toothpaste gives that extra fresh feeling. I just love all 3 of them. They work perfect and do what a good toothpaste needs to do. Yes, I’m going to buy these onces for sure again. It really are good toothpastes with 100% natural ingredients that are also bio.

Price & availability:

The signal bio toothpaste cost €3,99 for 75ml. These are available at the drugstore and at different supermarkets.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.

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