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Sampar musthaves: glamour shot, eye care, golden glow & the impossible eye care

Sampar was till recently a while unknown brand for me. But a big shame for me, because they sell innovative products! So I was directly interested in this brand! Especially because everything looks so professional; the packing, the ingredients from the products,… I tried out the four must haves: glamour shot, glamour shot eyes, golden glow & the impossible eye care. Are you curious why exactly these products are 4 must haves and what they do? Then keep on reading and I will tell you witch products will give you a flawless skin!

Glamour shot

What is it? Glamour shot is a transparant foundation that gives you a perfect skin in only 1 minute. In that one minute it also makes your skin matt and it clears away imperfections like redness, wrinkles and pores. And on long term it will even correct wrinkles and crow’s feet.

The packing is an ‘airless’ tube, this way the active ingredients will not evaporate. This products contains among other things:

HQA microlens: reduces the appearance of pores and makes the skin smoother and mattifies it.

Oat extract: provides an immediate and optimal lifting effect.

Encapsulated hyaluronic acid: improves skin density and fills in wrinkles.

Urban advance-complex: strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

Does it work? You bring glamour shot on as a foundation after you used your day cream. Glamour shot can’t be used in combination with a liquid foundation. But you can use it before you bring on a powder or blush. And you can touch it up the whole day. And this product really surprised me in a positive way… For long-term and short-term is this a miracle product. I see directly difference, my skin will look pretty equal and matt. My redness and imperfections are also less noticeable. If you ask me this product is a real silver bullet! The only negative thing about it, is that you can’t use it in combination with liquid foundation. But glamour shot in combination with a mineral foundation is a killer combination! Your skin will look flawless and almost all your imperfections are ‘gone’. It’s for sure also an amazing product for a flawless skin on your no makeup day.

Price: glamour shot contains 25ml and cost €40.

Glamour shot eyes

What is it? This is a transparent product that erases dark circles, brightens the dark areas and blurs the wrinkles and fine lines. This product must also replace your concealer. And because of that you have to bring it on after moisturizing the eye contour.

The ingredients from glamour shot eyes are:

MIB-complex: this helps to eliminate puffiness and dark circles.

And just as glamour shot it also contains: oat extract, encapsulated hyaluronic acid, urban advance complex  and HQA microlens.

Does it work? I bring this product on as a ‘concealer’ so after my eye cream. And after a few minutes I can clearly see much difference. Especially after a shot night! My dark circles are less visible and almost as good as gone. It indeed fills in the wrinkles. After a wild night or day is this a real must have! You will barely see something from the tiredness. And if you have wrinkles and or crow’s feet is this also an amazing product! For a transparent product is this one so good that I indeed don’t need a concealer! Love it!

Price: glamour shit eyes contains 10ml and the price is €30.

Golden glow

What is it? Golden glow is a tinted moisturizing cream without self-tanners that instantly warms the skin tone and gives it a beautiful natural glow. It also stimulated the making of skin’s own melanin. It’s not a self tanner but your skin will glow with this product! It’s the perfect basis for your make-up or you can also use it as a highlighter.

Golden glow contains:

Goldescent minerals: this give a warm skin tone for a stunning natural result.

Hydrocomplex: triggers the skin’s ability to build and maintain moisture.

Pro-melanotrope Peptides and Cimiciguga racemosa: stimulate the production of melanin.

SSP: defenses the skin against UV and prevents the effects of sun and photo-aging.

Does it work? You can use golden glow like this or after you used your day cream. You can use it as a highlighter or as primer before you bring on your make-up. And also is golden glow an amazing product when you have (like me) a pale skin that barely tans. 😉 Golden glow gives my skin a warmer and more tanned look with a pretty healthy glow! It really gives you a radiant skin. But this isn’t everything… Because except that it also protect my skin against the sun and makes it so soft! If you ask me then is this a real summer must have! Thanks to golden glow I will have this summer a pretty golden glow! 😉

Price: golden glow contains 30ml and the price is €29.

The impossible eye care

What is it? This pen is formulated with 45% concentrated actives. It illuminates and lifts the eye contour and targeted all the signs of aging.

The impossible eye care contains:

High tech diamond pearl-powders: provides an instant light infusion and blurring all the wrinkles and fine lines.

Hyaluronic acid 1G & 3G: fill in, plump and replenish the skin around the eye.

Encapsulated vitamin C: is a powerful antioxidant that reduced the appearance of wrinkles and lighten the dark circles.

Cellular booster peptides: this delay the aging, the peptides restructure the cutaneous barrier and smooth deep wrinkles.

Does it work? With this product I directly saw that it made my look a lot fresher and more awake. Because I don’t have a lot of wrinkles (yet) I can’t tell you of it really works that great for that. But I can tell you that I really works amazing for dark circles. This product light up my dark circles. It’s for sure a great product, but personally I’m a bit more fan from glamour shot eyes. But this is mainly because this product is for reducing the wrinkle, and I don’t need such a product at this moment. But if you need such a product at this moment, than this will be for sure a good one!

Price: the impossible eye care pen contains 4,8ml and cost €29.

Conclusion? Sampar is a brand that surprised me in a good way! The products work amazing and does what they promise! And the results  on shot and long term are amazing! Especially with both glamour shot products and golden glow! These products are just a must have for a beautiful and flawless skin!

Availability? Sampar is available in some drugstore and by the pharmacy.

Lots of love xxx

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