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Rituals: the rituals of karma

Some tome ago I bought a special limited edition goodiebox from rituals. This goodiebox was felt with products from the rituals of karma line. And this is for sure my favorite line from rituals. The rituals of karma line is inspired on the Hindu-believe. This line is enriched with the refreshing smell from bergamot and the light sweet flowery smell from white lotus. I really love this smell! And in this article I’m going to tell you more about the deo, body cream, foot scrub & shower foam.

24h anti-perspirant spray – 150ml – €8,50
This deo promises to be mild and protection for 24h. This spray is enriched with softening ingredients like white tea and holy lotus.
I really love the karma line and this deo also smells amazing! It indeed is a mild deo. But that’s all the good I can tell about it… Because to be honest for me this was more just spray with a smell than, that it worked as a deo… I just didn’t notice the 24h protection… I just had the feeling that when I used this deo I sweated more. To bad, because I really love the smell of it, but for me is this not the ideal deo…

Body cream – 70ml – €5,90

This luxurious cream must take good care of your skin. The special technology of this cream must make it easy to apply this cream and it must absorbs quickly into the skin.

If you aren’t sure of your skin reacts good on this body cream then is this packing from 70ml handy to try this one out. Then you can test it, without needing to buy a big packing. And of course is this also the perfect format to take with you.

The texture is soft and feels a bit creamy. The cream is easy to apply and gets absorbs quickly into the skin. It doesn’t feel sticky but you skin feels soft and pleasant afterwards. And the smell… Wow, amazing, you subtle smells the good karma smell. I really love this body cream and when I emptied some products (I still have a lot of body creams, oopsie 😉 ), I will buy the normal sized packing from this one.

Shower foam – 200ml – €8,50

The unique gel-to-foam technology from this rich and luxurious foam is enriched with the smell from sweet holy lotus and caring organic white tea. Your skin must feel soft afterwards and must smell good the whole day.

If you never tried the lovely shower foams from rituals before, you must try it. They have a lot a shower foams in different smells, and wow, these one are a real experience under the shower! The foam feels so good and soft.

See how amazing this foam looks! Yeees, I really love the shower foams from rituals! These are amazing and cleanse the skin on a soft but good way. And after washing you still smell subtle the karma smell.

Foot scrub – 75 ml

I must say that I don’t find this scrub on the website from rituals. So I’m not 100% sure that they still sell this one… It’s possible that this one is still available in the store or just is sold out for a moment? I don’t know, so I will try to keep this review short.

This scrub is especially for your feet, it’s a soft scrub that works perfectly. And the fun thing about it is that this one has a cooling effect. And the cooling effect feels very good during the summer. It’s for sure an ok scrub that makes my feet very soft. But except that cooling effect I don’t find this scrub that special. I just personally prefer to use my regular body scrub to scrub my feet. That’s also a product less in your bathroom. 😉


The smell for rituals of karma is amazing! For me personally this is one for my favorite smells from rituals! I really love the shower foam and body cream. The deo is nothing for me… And the foot scrub is ok because it has a cooling effect. But personally I prefer to use my body scrub to scrub my feet. 😉

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.