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Rituals: miracle sunkissed glow eye & face palette

For my Birthday I got a lot of cool presents…. And one of these presents was this beautiful eyeshadow palette from rituals… And this palette looks beautiful from the outside but also from the inside. It’s an eye and face palette. In this one you find 3 eyeshadow colors and face products like a bronzer and blush. So this is a multifunction palette that is perfect for traveling or on the road…

I really love the beautiful and stylish packing from this palette! When you open it you see 3 pretty eyeshadow colors and a bronzer and blush. In the other side you find a handy and good mirror. So like I said is this the perfect palette to take with you. And thanks to the handy and good mirror you can easy do or retouch your makeup. 🙂

The first eyeshadow color is the one down below with the most shimmers in it. This one is perfect as highlighter in the inner corner of the eye or under your brow. The central color, 2 is a bit darker and also contains some shimmering. The last one, 3 is the darkest one. It’s a dark brown matt color. Than we also have a bronzer in a very light color. This one is perfect for when you have a light skin. The blush is my favorite this one is pink with a golden shimmer in it.

On the left side we have the bronzer than the blush and than all the eyeshadow colors from dark to lighter.

As you can see is the pigmentation from the swatches amazing!

Buuut…When you start and use these in your eyelook… The colors aren’t that pigmented any longer, bye bye pigmentation… So you need for sure a good eyeshadow basis when you want some pigmentation… I use all the 3 the colors to make an eyelook, but you bearly see something from that. So yes, this is a real bummer. With the full face look I use the bronzer and blush. The bronzer is perfect for my skin type. The blush is also pretty, but you have to watch out with it! Because it’s so shimmery, if you bring on too much blush it will look more like a highlighter than blush. But if you bring the blush on very subtle than it’s such a beautiful pink color with a golden glow.


I have mixed feelings about this palette. I think that it look so pretty in the packing and swatches. But when you use it for an eyelook you barely see something from the pigmentation… So a good eyeshadow basis is necessary. But I’m very happy with the blush and bronzer. These are so pretty when you bring it on very subtle. So I think that I’m going to use the bronzer and blush the most…

This rituals miracle sunkissed glow eye & face palette cost €25.

Lots of love xxx

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