Rituals holi crackle: crackling body mousse

I already wrote about the shower foam and jelly from the lovely and affordable hole of rituals collection from rituals. I still love the products from this line so much, so I thought let’s try another one. I found the shower flower looking pretty, but I bought another more special product… I think that this is the most special product from whole this collection… Curious what it is… it is the… crackling body mousse!

Yes, you read that correctly a crackling mousse. I was so curious to try this out because this sounds like a special experience! The crackling mousse has another smell that the products I previously tried out. This one is from the white lily & peach blossom line. And the smell is lovely, sweet and fruity. It directly does me dreaming of spring and summer.

But of course… How does this crackling mousse work?

Yes, this one works crackling amazing! And you can take that serious. Because when you apply this body mousse it’s starts to crackle a bit. And when you start to rub in into your skin the crackling then really starts and become fun! Applying a body product never been so much fun! This body mousse feels fantastic onto the skin! Very soft and the crackling feeling is just amazing! And after the crackling fun my skin feels soft, this fluffy body mousse also absorbs quickly into the skin. And after the fun experience you will smell the white lily & peach blossom smell subtle.

Yeees, I’m just fan from this body mousse! The crackling feeling is so special and makes it so much fun! It absorbs quickly into the skin, feels refreshing, smell heavenly good and it makes my skin soft! If you ask me then it this my favorite product from rituals! And because this feels refreshing I’m pretty sure that this product will feel so good on a hot (summer) day.

I find this crackling body mousse crackling good! The price is €7,50 for 150ml.

Lots of love xxx

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