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Revolution: brow tint | brows for days?

I find brows and important thing, when I first look at someone I first look at their brows. Yes, terrible I know. But it a bit a professional malformation. But brows can chance how you look… And self I’m trying to grow my brows a bit more because I wanna go to a brow expert to see the difference. Yes, that is the blogger inside me. So at this moment I’m trying to epilate my brows the less I can. But I want for sure that despite that my brows look ‘clean’ and groomed. Mostly I use a brow gel or brow pencil, but when I remove my make-up the pretty brows are gone… And that is why I wanted to try out this brow tint from revolution. Because this is a semi-permanent brow product that must give you perfect looking brows up till 3 days

You can easy apply the brow product with the brush. But if you wanna work preciser than you best can use your own brow brush. But are you wrong or made a fault? Then you can easy and quick remove your fault with make-up remover. You can best use this product when your at home and are free for around 2 hours. Because you must leave this product on your brows max 2h. But how longer, the better the result when you have dark brows. I have dark brows and I mostly late in on my brows for 1h30 till 2h. After that I can remove it as a peel-off. But this wasn’t that easy and it didn’t come off in one piece but in more smaller once. So you need some patience and be careful (otherwise you will pull out some hairs) to peel this off. So in short terms is this how you must use this product:

How to use:

– You apply this product on clean brows

– Let it do his work for max. 2h

– After this you can remove the gel and peel it off, from the inside to the outside

At the top you see my brows without anything, in the middle is when I applied the product in the color medium brown and below is after I peeled it off after 1h30.

And this is the result after 1 day, as you can see is there is a bit difference but not much. I think that the result from this brow tint was gone after less than 2 days. But I must say that I was wearing make-up and I rinse my face every night, and I think this is why the brow tint was quicker gone. Of course is this logical, but I didn’t except that this would go so fast. Because the result that this brow tint gives is pretty and looks natural.


You need to walk 2h with crazy looking brows… But this brow tint does work! It let mine brows look good on a natural way! I don’t need to do anything with them afterwards. But unfortunately the result was already gone after less than 2 days. But I think that this had a lot to do with cleaning my face and removing my make-up. So this product does work, but I find it too much work to use this when I’m gone to wear make-up because the result is gone after 1 day… Buuut… Yes, there is certainly a but… It’s a good product if you don’t wear make-up. So when I know I’m not going to wear make-up for a few days, I use this product. Then it’s handy because even I’m not wearing make-up, but my brows will look good. But all with all I’m not going to buy this product again. But if you don’t wear any make-up and you want your brows to look good for a few days? Then is this one handy…

Price: the brow tint from revolution costs €5,99.

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