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Review: action bubble mask

We all know the classic face masks or clay masks an of course the famous sheet masks. But in the face mask world they even are going more crazy with a more special face mask. And then I’m not taking about sheet mask with funny prints, but I have it about bubble masks! Say what?! Yes, a bubble mask, this is a masker that starts with foaming when you apply this. How cool is this?! I knew that this existed but I never found it. Till I was a time ago in the action. Because there I could score this bubble mask! So time to tell you more about this special mask!

Bubble mask?

This bubble mask contains milk protein & licorice extract. When you apply this mask it will start to foam. But what does this mask? This mask must deeply clean your face and boost your skin.

How to use?

You can apply this mask that has a gelly structure onto a clean and dry skin. After a few seconds you will see that this mask will start to foam. You can leave this mask on for 5 till 10 minutes. Then you can massage the skin for 1 till 2 minutes and rinse the mask off with lukewarm water. You can/may use this mask 2 times in the week if you want.

Does it really work?

The big question is of course does this really works? I can tell you that you will look like a cloud! The mask kept on foaming and foaming. And this felt a bit tickling, so be sure that you can tolerate this feeling. But personally I really loved that feeling and it was also funny. Because with this mask you look a bit weird but funny! 😉 After 10 minutes it was time to massage the mask into my skin and then it felt a bit sticky. So after 2 min it was time to rinse it off, and the result was a pretty, soft skin that felt good!


It’s not a wonder mask, because it only makes my skin soft. But it’s for sure a cool mask to try out! Because thanks to the foaming it’s a real experience! This is for sure the perfect face mask for a cosy girls night with some fun! 😉 It’s not a bad mask, but it’s not the best that I ever tried.

If you wanna experience the fun, then you can buy this mask for €0,99 in the action for 3 mask.

Lots of love xxx

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