Primark: foaming bubble mask

Bubble mask, you can call it for sure a real hype. I see them everywhere, from high end brands till the more budget variants. I also see a lot with a different working, and that makes me more curious. For sure when I saw this bubble mask with blueberry and papaya from primark. I already tried a lot of masks from primark and till now I fine them good… So I thought let’s try out the foaming bubble mask for my blog…

This foaming bubble mask with blueberry and papaya has a cleansing working. You apply this mask on a cleansed skin and you let it bubble for 15 till 20 minutes. And then you can easy wash it off.

When I applied this mask it didn’t directly started to foam like the bubble mask I tested out before. So you got enough time to bring the mask on. After 3 till 5 minutes it started to foam. And then it also started to tickling… So be sure that you can handle that feeling. 😉 This mask smell so good, you can really smell the papaya. When it was time to wash the mask off, I didn’t see much difference. Ok, my skin felt soft and looked good. But or the masker really did that much for my skin? No, not really…


It’s a nice mask to try out… But unfortunately it doesn’t do much for my skin. So if you wanna try out a bubble mask just for fun? Then I would recommend to try out the bubble masks from action. Because the price is almost the same but then you got 3 masks instead of 1. But of course you choose for yourself our you wanna try this one out or not. But for my skin it didn’t do much…

The foaming bubble mask from primark is €1 and you can use it 1 time.

Lots of love xxx

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