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Outfit: pink sunset

I love magical sunsets. At time ago there was one where the sky colored pink. I know that this happens pretty often, but I love to see it! Certainly when I can shoot my outfit during the sunset! Because such a pretty sky makes the photos a bit more magical I think. 😉 So let’s show you my not so winter proof outfit. Because, haha I’m for sure not a winter type and time after time I’m always dress a bit cold. But alright, better looking good and getting it cold that having it good and warm, I guess… So I’m honest this look is not that perfect for the winter. But soon spring is there! And then I will wear this outfit with much love. I just like everything the jeans, sweater, jacket and the shoes. And that is for me a real thing, because I’m a difficult person when it comes to jeans and shoes. But with much pleasure I will show you my outfit with it the background the magical pink sky!

Jeans: only // sweater: // jacket: only // shoes: suredelle

I found the jeans, sweater and the beautiful jacket in the store pokerjeans.

Do you love this outfit?

Lots of love xxx

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