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Outfit: never stop playing

I already told you everything about the magnum dinner. Except for 1 thing… And that was my outfit, so I thought that I would be nice if I share my full outfit with you! Because at the magnum event their was a dress code. And me and dress codes in 1 sense? Yes, that is a bit a difficult combination because I’m never sure that I understand the dress code right. 😉 I’m for sure that one person that will get the dress code wrong. And during this dinner this was also a bit the case, but lucky me because nobody noticed! The dress code was playful white with a golden touch. And it thought that it was gold with a touch of playful white. Just a small difference and that is why no one saw that I got the dress code wrong. So let’s show you how my outfit looked during the dinner…

For this occasion I also applied fake nails from elegant touch, and soon a review will come online!

Blouse: H&M | skirt: H&M | shoes: supertrash | bag: my jewellery | earrings: H&M

So despite that I got the dress code a bit wrong, I was happy that no one saw it! 😉

Lots of love xxx

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