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Outfit: colorful pants

Last weeks were so hectic and I didn’t find the time to write articles… Buuut slowly more and more articles will come online on my blog! And let’s start with an outfit post. Some while ago I walked with the urban brooklyn catwalk through Ghent. Maybe you now think ‘what does that have to do with this article?’. Actually much because after that we could choose a clothing item. And I chose beautiful pants. It was love at first sight. Buuuut because the pants look so special it was a bit harder to find the right look. So I will show you quickly how I combined it!

I really love the colors from these pants, thanks to this it also makes it a bit easier to combine with so much; gold, black, pink, orange,… And by chance, I had the perfect top for these pants! A turtleneck in mustard yellow. Of course, I also could combine it with black.

But if you follow me a bit longer then you know that I’m trying to wear more color. But I still love black… And I wore some black accents like my hat and shoes. These shoes are second hand and they fit amazing!

For the rest, I also combine it with a nice ring and necklace. But I have no idea where this necklace is from… It was a gift from my sweet mother and I love it so much! Because I wanted the pants to steal all the attention I kept the rest of my outfit calm. Yes, I really love these pants! But there is one disadvantage… I normally have a 36 but this one is too big for me… And because the didn’t have a 34 I decided to let it make smaller. And that says enough about how pretty I find these pants! Sometimes you just find an item where you fall in love with.

Pants: Nümph | shoes: H&M (second hand) | ring: six | hat: zeeman

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.