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Nivea: pure color micellar shampoo

Some time ago there was a special offer in the drugstore where you could get this micellar shampoo from nivea paid back. I needed a new shampoo and this looked like the perfect deal to try out this micellar shampoo from nivea. I did get my money back but it took some time. But now enough about that and back to the micellar shampoo because this sounds very special and innovative.

So this shampoo is based on the working from micelles. You maybe know this from the famous micellar (make-up) removers? But micelles have a magnetic function and because of this dirt gets attract and removed in a mild way.

You got this micellar shampoo in different variants, I have the one for colored hair. This shampoo is enriched with raspberry vinegar & macadamia oil. And this must protect my hair and gives it a bright color until 8 weeks. It’s a mild shampoo that is perfect for daily use & must soften and hydrates your hair.

This shampoo comes in a handy flagon where you can easily dose with. The smell of this is sooo good! The shampoo feels and foams just the same as a normal shampoo. I noticed that my hair needed some weeks to get used to this shampoo because the first weeks my hair looked greasy after just one day. But after some weeks my hair was used to this shampoo and it worked fantastically. My hair looked good and felt so soft! It also feels less dry, so I’m very happy with this shampoo! But… I don’t notice much difference with this shampoo for colored hair and a ‘regular’ one…


My hair needed some time to get used to this shampoo, but after some weeks the results where good! My hair feels so soft, less dry and looks healthy. The shampoo has a pleasant smell. But I don’t have the feeling that it does much for my colored hair. Buuut it’s for sure a good shampoo!

Price: the micellar shampoo’s from nivea cost €4,99 for 400ml.

Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that.