My life week #47

It’s time to give you another sneak peek in my life… My week went different that planned. But in the good way. 🙂


Monday I worked a lot and in the evening I wrote some blogposts.


Tuesday night it was time to make me ready for another live broadcast. And that was my outfit for the evening.

And when I was done, it was time for a little late night snack. 😉


Wednesday I had a slow day and in the evening my boyfriend made this good meal for me.


Thursday evening my boyfriend and I normally would go to the night of the adeater. But because he unfortunately had to work late I went with my brother. But to go to Antwerp is a real disaster. We stud in a traffic jam from 2h. So we arrived to late. But despite that we had an awesome night. 🙂


Friday evening is like always fries time and after that my sweet boyfriend made me strawberries pudding and I really love that. 😍


Saturday evening we gave our Christmas tree the last finish touch.

And we also had some guests coming and I made these easy and yummie mini pizza. 😊


Sunday didn’t go as planned. First off all I switched shift with someone who was sick so I needed to present a live broadcast in the evening. I love that, but I was sick… So the most of the day I laid down on the couch and I drunk lots and lots of tea. And in the evening I made myself ready for the live broadcast at q2.

My week went very well only Sunday was a bad day because I was sick. But I hope that I will get better this week. Because I’m going to present another live broadcast and I also have a laser hair removal planned and many more…. I wish you an amazing week!

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!

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