My life week #45

Last week was such an exciting and busy week. It was all about my first live broadcast… Curious? Then keep on reading! 🙂


Monday I did lots and lots of work because the rest of the week would be busy…


Tuesday it was time for studio day 1. They also showed me how I needed to do my make-up for on the television.

But because it was a longer day than expected… I didn’t have much mood to cook. So I decided to warm up this pizza.


Wednesday I had a way to early appointment in the hospital by the neurologist. For my tension headaches and migraines so now I’ve got special medication. So let’s hope it will get better…

And after this it was time for the studio day 2.


Yes, whole my week was all about the studio days, because Thursday I also went to practice. And then I was wearing this cool pants!


Friday it was the last day that I could practice. On that day I was wearing this cool outfit. And on my way back home it was time to drink this good fanta!

And when I was back home… It was time for good fries, yaay!


Saturday it was such an exciting day for me… My first live tv broadcast as presenter. I had so much stress, because this is something new for me… But I’m pretty sure that it will go better and better. (without stress 😉 ) Oh, and to do my make-up I used these products from mac.


After 2h of sleep. Because I was home at 4h from the broadcast, but because from all the adrenaline I just feel asleep around 6h. And at 8h I needed to get up again… Because I had something else excited planned… A photoshoot for an influencer book! I went so well, and I can’t wait to see the final results!

After that, I needed to go to a Birthday dinner… Ok, euh we already went to that restaurant. But I think that they have a new chef, because the food didn’t taste that good as always…. And when I was back home I did of course a power nap. 😉

As you can see was this a very special and busy week! Luckily is this week not so busy. Because now I finally can do some house keeping. 😉 And this week I needed to present a new broadcast and in the weekend I have a casting and a Birthday party.

Lots of love xxx

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