My life week #43

Time to give you another sneak peek in my life. It was a special week and I received a cool package and I also went to the first Christmas party of the year…


Monday afternoon I did some kind of volunteer work for someone who isn’t that mobile. Because it did grocery shopping for that person. And wow, this was a real challenge because I was in the store for longer than 1h40 to find everything… But I did it!

And when I was back home there was waiting a nice package from coca-cola light for me… And inside there was a cool shirt and coca-cola light in different and new taste. I’m so curious to try out the ginger lime version!


Tuesday evening I was invited to the first Christmas party of the year, yes a Christmas party in October because why not! 😉 It was an event from yves rocher. And before I left to go to Antwerp I first ate a pomegranate, this is such a job to do but it’s so good!

When I arrived at the event everything was beautiful decorated with Christmas decorations. And now I can’t wait till the Holiday’s. 😉 And a review from the lovely Christmas collection is also already online….


Wednesday was busy, but it the evening I had some time to hang up the Christmas wreath that I made during the Yves Rocher event. Ok, it’s not the prettiest but I think it looks good on my door. 🙂


Thursday I had an education from circus for my new adventure… And in two weeks it’s will come on the television on a Belgian channel Q2. So this is so exciting, I’m so ready for this cool adventure!


Friday I also learned a lot, but once again I was stick. I had a weird pain in my belly. So I need to go to the doctor for sure…


Saturday I went on a little shopping trip for flowers and Birthday gifts. And I also bought two things for myself, this crackling body mousse from rituals and hair coloring.


Sunday we had a nice breakfast and after that we needed to go to a birthday party. It was in a restaurant but it was a terrible experience. We just started with the entree and they already brought use the main course. Also the food wasn’t good and not warm. And they forgot a lot… So I’m never going again to that restaurant…

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!


  • Evelien

    Wat gaaf die Cola smaken!! En superlief dat je boodschappen voor iemand deed. Bijna 2 uur in een winkel, ik zou gek worden 😂 Haha! Die Rituals Crackling Mousse lijkt me heel apart!

  • Maaike

    Wat een leuke week en dat kerstfeest, zo mooi! Wel een slecht restaurant zeg, ik snap niet dat mensen die daar werken dat zo aan hun gasten geven.

  • Irene

    Wat een leuke week heb je gehad ondanks het ziek zijn. Goed van je dat je boodschappen hebt gedaan voor iemand die slecht ter been is. Zouden meer mensen moeten doen!

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