My life week #42

Monday the start of a new week… So time to give you a sneak peek from last week. My week went totally different then planned, but hey that is fine with me. 🙂 Because I went to two blog events, a photography reading/workshop and a lot more happened…


Monday I helped someone with school tasks and I made a quick lunch. In the afternoon I normally would have a casting. But because I was feeling more and more ill I unfortunately couldn’t go… I also was dizzy so riding with the car was not a good idea. So I lay down and tried to get some work done.


Tuesday I went to the hospital in the afternoon. But the results were not the once I hoped for… So I need to see another specialist. But because my appointment toke longer than planned I didn’t have time to change my outfit, because I needed to be on time in Brussels for an event. The event was from keune. It was a nice first meeting with this brand. And I’m curious to try out the hair products!


Wednesday I went to Antwerp for a travel event. And just wow it was a bit overwhelming I never did such a thing before, it was cool. But overwhelming . I just blog because I love to do it and not for free stuff or to travel free…So I didn’t stay long but it was cool that they asked me!


Just as last week was this Thursday also busy… In the evening I was craving chocolate so time for a late night snack… Till I came till the conclusion that there was a fly in the chocolate coating from the cracker. No, my craving was directly gone. I also send a message to the supermarket where I bought it… They still haven’t answered it so I’m curious what they are going to say… 😉


Friday was also busy and like always was it time for fries! Yaay!


In the evening we visited good friends of use… And they have a cute dog… So I needed to walk with it, of course to take pictures… 😉


Sunday I went to Vilvoorde because my boyfriend & I had some workshops at the factory x from fuji film. You could follow a lot of different photography workshops or readings or just try out one of their cameras. And yes I did that, and it was a sweet camera! The workshops and readings were very interesting. I learned a lot about nature photography and lightroom.

So it was worth it, oh and the best part… It was all free. 🙂

This week I have a cool event from yves rocher planned and also an education from that thing that I got accepted at after my casting… So I’m so so curious! 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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