My life week #41

It’s time for a new behind the scenes… My week started as a normal (boring) week. But Friday I suddenly got such an amazing news… Curious what it is? Then keep on reading!


Monday I had an appointment in the hospital. Next week so when you read this, this week, I have another appointment . And then I will hopefully know more… After that I helped someone from my family with school tasks. And we also had a little stop at Mc donals. I toke a veggie wrap with fries.


As dinner I eat this lovely salad and unexpected I stayed overnight with my mother. And of course I gave the cat much attention…


Wednesday I waked up at my mom’s place with a happy cat near me. I slept so bad, but that cutie made everything better. Then I went back home to work.

Around 15h I had a skype meeting. So just before that I drunk some clear coca-cola. The meeting was with someone from Lola & Liza. Some time ago I say that they were looking for vloggers. So I send them a movie and they contacted me for a meeting over skype.


I had a busy work day and I forgot to make pictures…


Friday started very normal… Till I got a phone call… A while ago I already told you that I did a casting, and that I went so good… And Friday I got a phone call that I have to job! Yaaaay, party! I’m so happy! So soon I will tell you more! That day I also went to the action. And there I bought these nice home sweater and slippers.

And after that of course I went to the snack bar, for fries with mozzarella sticks and mini spring rolls… Mmm, so good!


Saturday I worked a bit and I visited the second hand store. I bought two books.


Sunday was voting day… I woke up so early and after that I got pastries for me and my boyfriend. In the afternoon we went to Antwerp. Because we had dinner with the family. I toke something veggie, but I forgot the name but it was good!

I told you that Wednesday I had a skype meeting with lola & liza, it didn’t work out. But next time better. And I think that you have to take every chance you can get! And Friday I even got better news. (yaay) So don’t give up is my message!

This week I have a lot planned. 2 events for my blog, a casting, I have to go to the hospital, a photographing workshop and lots more. But you can see all of that next week! 🙂

Lots of love xxx

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Disclaimer: the blogger behind has dyslexia. I’m doing the best that I can. But if you see a spelling mistake I’m sorry about that!


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